This article is about the Earth FreezeMan.EXE. You may be looking for his Zoanoroid or video game counterparts.

FreezeMan.EXE is a Solo NetNavi in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series, serving as a major antagonist during the Grave story arc.


FreezeMan in the Second Area intro.

In the anime, FreezeMan is extremely powerful, as he could easily freeze all of NetCity and spread ice viruses around. He easily defeated MegaMan both times they fought, regardless of MegaMan using plenty of Battle Chips while FreezeMan relied on his Ice Stage. He is a very proud and fair combatant, as he purposely used Ice Stage so that Lan and MegaMan were not forbidden to use Battle Chips, as would normally be the case in NetCity. He was also able to fight one-on-one with Bass, although Bass didn't try to attack and just defended himself.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior

FreezeMan is the NetNavi leader of Grave in the anime. He first makes his appearance during the storm occurring in NetCity. He attacks TorchMan in the sewers and almost deletes him, but Mr. Match uses AreaSteal, enabling TorchMan to escape from his enemy. Just before TorchMan himself can get to a jack out point, FreezeMan appears again and deletes him.

FreezeMan also causes the robot penguins to go haywire and freeze over DenTech City. He defeats MegaMan easily when the latter tries to stop him, but HeatMan (who had merged his data with TorchMan's own) appears and drives him off.

FreezeMan and HeatMan battle once more in due time and their battle ends with FreezeMan's defeat. FreezeMan, severely injured from his battle against HeatMan, is later deleted by ShadowMan for his failure.