"Mega Man: The Freeze Cracker fires ice bullets, doesn't it?
Dr. Light: Yes, and the bullets will split when they hit the ground.
―Mega Man and Dr. Light, Mega Man 7

Freeze Cracker (フリーズクラッカー Furīzu Kurakkā) is Freeze Man's Special Weapon. When equipped with this weapon, Mega Man fires a shard of ice. If it hits a wall, it splits into six smaller shots. It can also be shot diagonally upwards or downwards.

The Freeze Cracker can freeze certain enemies, and even the lava in Junk Man's stage and reveal a secret passage. In Cloud Man's stage, it can be shot at the second Tel Tel to change the rain to harmless snow, and it can freeze the floating cloud platforms, causing the cloud portion to crumble away, and revealing the invisible platforms in a certain part of the stage right away without having to get close enough reveal them. In Turbo Man's stage and Wily Castle 2, it can be shot at the burners in a certain part of the stage to freeze its flames.

This weapon is the primary weakness for Burst Man and Slash Man; in the latter's case, he will get frozen and will slide across the room before thawing out, and he will go right into dropping eggs on Mega Man.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man 7.

MM7-FreezeCracker-Icon.png Freeze Cracker
Boss Damage
Freeze Man +4:+4
Junk Man 1:1
Burst Man 4:3
Cloud Man 1:1
Spring Man 1:1
Slash Man 6:4
Shade Man 1:1
Turbo Man 1:1
Mash 1:1
Bass 2:1
Guts Man G 0:0
Bass and Treble 2:1
Gameriser 0:0
HannyaNED² 0:0
Wily Machine No. 7 1:1
Wily Capsule 1:1

*For Freeze Cracker, the first digit is when the shot is whole; the second digit is after it splits.
*Hitting Freeze Man with the Freeze Cracker will actually recover his health by 4 units.

Bosses weak against Freeze Cracker



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  • If Mega Man uses the Freeze Cracker on Freeze Man during the rematch with him in Wily Castle, Freeze Man freezes the game for a short period and makes his intro pose, making it look like he is taunting the player for using his own weapon against him. Afterwards, he is healed by four units of energy.
  • Unusually, the official art for Mega Man's colors when using Freeze Cracker (as shown in the image above) almost resembles his standard colors. When using the Freeze Cracker the game however, Mega Man's colors are light blue-and-white.
    • The same problem applies to the Junk Shield's official artwork as well.

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