Freeze Cracker (フリーズクラッカー) is Freeze Man's special weapon. If it hits a wall, it splits into multiple shots. It can be aimed slightly upward or downward with the D-pad, and can freeze certain enemies (including Slash Man). In Junk Man's level, it can freeze the molten metal and reveal a secret passage. In Cloud Man's stage, it can cause the TeruTerus to change the weather to harmless snow, and it can freeze the floating cloud platforms, causing the cloud portion to crumble away.

Bosses weak against Freeze Cracker


  • If Mega Man uses the Freeze Cracker on Freeze Man when fighting against him again in Wily Castle, Freeze Man freezes the game for a short period and makes his intro pose, making it look like he is taunting the player for using his own weapon against him. Afterwards, he is healed by four units of energy.
  • Unusually, the official art for Mega Man's colors when using Freeze Cracker (as shown in the image above) almost resembles his standard colors. When using the Freeze Cracker the game however, Mega Man's colors are light blue-and-white.



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