Frog Balloon (フロッグバルーン) is the sub-boss from Bounce Man's stage in Mega Man 11. It is a famous mascot of the athletic center Boing-Boing Park. It attacks by using its tongue to grab the ceiling swing around, usually landing on the other side of the room, or to grab Mega Man. It'll also try to jump on Mega Man sometimes. Remember to move quick when it lands on the other side of the screen to prevent it from grabbing Mega Man, or if necessary use Speed Gear to help slow down time to make it easier to dodge. When it takes enough damage, Frog Balloon will pop and release Pump Master K (ポンプマスターK) and three Poyorns. Pump Master K will be dizzy for a moment. After recovering, he will start to pump Frog Balloon back up and then get back inside it when he's finished, restarting the battle. To defeat Frog Balloon, Pump Master K has to be destroyed.

Frog Balloon's weakness is Pile Driver. However, to conserve weapon energy for dealing with Bounce Man, using Blazing Torch with (or even without) the Power Gear is a good alternative, as it helps the balloons pop sooner.


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The famous mascot of Bounce Man's athletic center Boing-Boing Park. If it breaks down, Pump Master K will be there to fix it up right away. Unfortunately, its eyes are a little scary and it often makes kids cry.


  • The way Pump Master K has to be destroyed to stop him from repairing Frog Balloon over and over again is similar to how the Old Robot from Mega Man X2 can only be defeated by destroying the Pararoid S-38 controlling it after the Old Robot has been destroyed, or else the Pararoid will fly offscreen and get another Old Robot to attack with.
  • The Frog Balloon is the only Mega Man 11 sub-boss other than Totemer that has to be fought twice in its stage, with the second encounter being more difficult than the first. In Frog Balloon's case this is brought about by a floor of bouncy balls in the second room which makes it harder to aim and attack, especially with Pump Master K being a harder target to hit because he's much smaller.
  • Although Frog Balloon's primary weakness is Pile Driver (and possibly Block Dropper), Pump Master K is also weak to Blazing Torch and Block Dropper.
  • As shown in the Poyorn box in the gallery, it says that Pump Master K prefers the Poyorn color scheme.


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