From Here to Revolutionary PETs, known as Blues no Nagai Ichinichi (ブルースの長い一日 roughly "Blues' Long Day") in Japan, is the 55th episode from the anime MegaMan NT Warrior.


Lan and Chaud are about to have the NetBattle to end all NetBattles, only it ends before it can really start. Chaud is called away on business for his father, so he rushes off to get to a small company to finish a cutting edge new Ultimate Molecular Chip they were hired to create. Chaud soon finds himself doing chores at the company, helping perfect the Molecular Chip, fighting off a hostile takeover of the business, and even defeating the viruses and NetNavi that the company's assistant released after trying to steal the Molecular Chip! What's so great about this chip? What will it be used for? And why is Chaud cleaning bathrooms to help make sure it gets done?[1]


The episode that starts of with Chaud and ProtoMan NetBattling Lan and MegaMan.

In the middle ProtoMan does the Program Advance but MegaMan cuts right through it with just a Cyber Sword. Chaud is unsure how MegaMan does that but then gets an emergency phone call from his company, BlazeQuest, forcing him to quit the battle in the middle.

BlazeQuest wants Chaud to see a company owner, Maeda, about a new kind of PET technology that they are working on. Unfortunately, he won’t give it in until it is perfect. To speed up the process of making the program, Chaud helps the company with various tasks, such as cleaning the bathrooms, buying food and fetching tools. Chaud also gets rid of a group of people who are trying to get rid of this company. Thankful for this, Maeda agrees to work with BlazeQuest.

Soon, however, a worker for Maeda makes of with the unfinished work but leaves a NetNavi, DrillMan, behind for them to deal with. ProtoMan is unable to beat him until Chaud realizes how MegaMan broke the Program Advance: MegaMan hit the tip of it. Upon doing this, ProtoMan finally defeats DrillMan.

Later, it shows Chaud and Lan finishing their NetBattle and BlazeQuest finally releasing the new PET technology.