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"They sent a kid like you after me? I promise to end this quickly..."
―Frost Walrus, Mega Man X4

Frost Walrus, known as Frost Kibatodos (フロスト・キバトドス) in Japan, is the Walrus-based member of Repliforce that was labeled Maverick because of their desire for independence. Bad tempered and rowdy, his destructive behavior got him marked for disposal as a Maverick, but he avoided this by joining the Repliforce. When the coup started he was pleased, for him it was a perfect excuse to riot as much as he liked. Walrus was stationed at Repliforce's secret snow base and put in charge of guarding their new weapon under construction.


He loves to use his size and weight to his advantage and will attempt to crush his opponent by body sliding into them. After sliding he tends to fire small ice shards that will stick to ground and cause damage when stepped on. When Walrus' health is down to half he will start creating his Frost Tower by exhaling his icy breath into a large icicle and then smash it causing large shards to rain everywhere. But like a lot of ice element foes, fire is his weakness. So let him have it with Rising Fire if playing as X or Ryuenjin if playing as Zero.

Most bosses show the ability that you will gain during the battle. For X, his Frost Tower is based on Walrus creating a large icicle that will explode into several pieces. Zero's Hyouretsuzan is based after Walrus' raining icicles.


Stage description: We've discovered a hidden snow base. Halt production of their new weapon.

Stage enemies

Enemies in Frost Walrus' stage, the Snow Base:


When Playing as X

Frost Walrus: They sent a kid like you after me? I promise to end this quickly...

When Playing as Zero

Frost Walrus: What's that blonde kid up to?! I don't have time for you junior!

Zero: Hey! Shut up and fight me already!

Frost Walrus: Oh... That does it, you're goin' down!

Other Media

Rockman X

In the Rockman X4 manga, he is initially confronted by both X and Blizzard Buffalo, interrupting his game of mercilessly hunting down Reploid prisoners for sport. Frost Walrus quickly overwhelms X, gaining the upper hand in the battle leaving X so heavily damaged that he falls unconscious. Blizzard Buffalo then steps in, but upon awakening X discovers him dead, impaled by a large icicle. Enraged and grief-stricken, X rushes to Walrus' base and confronts him in a modified Eagle Ride Armor. Even though Frost Walrus quickly destroyed the armor with a Frost Tower, X still manages to heavily damage him by setting him ablaze with the Ride Armors damaged fuel tank. But, despite all this Frost Walrus again gains the upper hand, and as he attempts to kill X he is brutally shot down by General, for his previous misconduct and to save X's life.


  • Blizzard Buffalo and Chill Penguin make cameo appearances in his stage, frozen in ice. Blizzard Buffalo is at the beginning of the level, and Chill Penguin is in the Eyezard's room.
  • He is one of the two Mavericks that Zero tells to "shut up and fight" with the other being Metal Shark Player from Mega Man X6. This is surprising, due to the fact that he tries to persuade the other members of Repliforce to stop the coup (though Walrus' "blonde kid" and "junior" insults might have made Zero reconsider trying to reason with him).

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