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Futasu no Mirai is the opening theme of Rockman.EXE Axess. The song, which was made for the series, was arranged by Igarashi "IGAO" Jun'ichi with lyrics by Nao and sung by Kuroda Michihiro.

Various versions of the song can be heard throughout the series during and after Axess, such as a nonvocal version when the heroes are on the verge of winning, or a piano rendition during sad moments.


Lyrics from Rockman.EXE Online.

Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation

Hajimari o tsugeru kane no koe Toki ga kawari Kinou uchikeshi narihibiku yo

At the beginning, the bell echos to let you know That it's just a matter of change From a terrible yesterday

Daijoubu kimi ga koko ni ireba Hitorijanai sore ga yuuki okosaseru

It's all right, since you're here next to me I'm not alone, and that's what'll awaken my courage

Fukigenna sora mabushii hodo Terashi daseru taiyou ni nareru

This sullen sky dazzles so It's so bright that I feel as if it's the sun

Kimi to wakachiau kibou to yorokobi Kurosu suru sono tabi fukamaru kizuna

I'll share this with you, the joy of my hopes The more we cross, the deeper our bond becomes

Mirai to genzai pazuru o awasete Kokoro tsunagaru bokura no yume Akashi ni naru

The future and the present join together with this puzzle Our hearts are connected and our dream Become's the proof