Galaxy Advance (abbreviated GA) is a system from Mega Man Star Force 3 that works similar to Program Advances from the Mega Man Battle Network series. In addition to forming the Galaxy Advance by touching the appropriate cards in sequence, Galaxy Advance cards also appear as standalone Battle Cards as very rare Illegal Cards, or within Meteor Server folders.

When Galaxy Advance cards are formed from their components, they become white, allowing a player to use them with other available cards at their disposal. Cards that were covered by the Galaxy Advance's components also become available for use unless the Galaxy Advance itself also covers them. Galaxy Advances need not be used on the turn they are formed, and the player can only form one Galaxy Advance per turn.

Galaxy Advance versions of certain bosses in the game can be powered up by quickly deleting their respective R versions of that boss. Their power maxes out when the deletion time is under 12 seconds, or activating certain G.A.+ from Noise Mod Gear.

Image Name Type(s) Attack Atk G.A.+ Text Sequence
ImpactCannon.png Impact Cannon
BC Element Null.png 240 240 Cannon atk spreads dmg to adj pnls Cannon x3
BigGrenade.png Big Grenade
BC Element Null.png 60 60 3-hit dmgs all adj pnls if hits Mini Grenade x3
GiantAxe.png Giant Axe
BC Element Null.pngBC Attribute Sword.pngBC Attribute Break.png 320 320 Swing Guard-busting ax thru 3x2 pnl Sword
Wide Sword
Long Sword
HurricaneDance.png Hurricane Dance
BC Element Null.pngBC Attribute Wind.png 60 60 Spin 4 times, hit adj panels with wind! Sword x2
Jet Attack 1
PlatMeteor.png Platinum Meteor
BC Element Null.png 90 90 Hit far 9 normal pnls w/ Meteors. Mad Vulcan 1
Attack +10
White Meteor
Xxx spade magnes ga.png Spade Magnes GA
BC Element Elec.pngBC Attribute Sword.png 190-220 220 SpadeMgnes slices twice max 2 hits Flash Strike 1
Flash Strike 2
Flash Strike 3
Xxx diamond ice ga.png Diamond Ice GA
BC Element Aqua.pngBC Attribute Wind.png 110-130 130 Diamond Dust diagonal 3-hit atk Ice Spin 1
Ice Spin 2
Ice Spin 3
Xxx club strong ga.png Club Strong GA
BC Element Wood.pngBC Attribute Wind.png 60-70 70 SwingStrmAtk that pwrs up on grass pnl Pollen Shot 1
Pollen Shot 2
Pollen Shot 3
Xxx queen virgo ga.png Queen Virgo GA
BC Element Aqua.pngBC Attribute Break.png 130-150 150 HydroDrgnAtk hits more w/ proximity Wide Wave 1
Wide Wave 2
Wide Wave 3
Xxx jack corvus ga.png Jack Corvus GA
BC Element Heat.png 420-480 480 2-pnl claw atk on 3 far side cols Kilo Bomb 1
Kilo Bomb 2
Kilo Bomb 3
Xxx dread joker ga.png Dread Joker GA
BC Element Null.pngBC Attribute Break.png 390-450 450 Atk w/ total of 3 gigaton buildings Bushido 1
Busihdo 2
Bushido 3
Xxx acid ace ga.png Acid Ace GA
BC Element Null.pngBC Attribute Sword.pngBC Attribute Break.png 310-350 350 Slash 1 emy w/ lock-on sword Mad Vulcan 1
Mad Vulcan 2
Mad Vulcan 3
Xxx taurus fire ga.png Taurus Fire GA
BC Element Heat.png 300-380 380 TaurusFire covers field in flames! Mad Fire 1
Mad Fire 2
Mad Fire 3
Xxx cygnus wing ga.png Cygnus Wing GA
BC Element Null.pngBC Attribute Break.pngBC Attribute Wind.png 320-400 400 CygnusWing dances round field edge! Ground Wave 1
Ground Wave 2
Ground Wave 3
Xxx wolf woods ga.png Wolf Woods GA
BC Element Wood.pngBC Attribute Sword.png 200-240 240 Dart to emy, slice row, then upper! Shuriken 1
Shuriken 2
Shuriken 3
Xxx dark phantom ga.png Dark Phantom GA
BC Element Null.png 370-450 450 Phantom atks fwd pnl with Phantom Claw Smile Coin 1
Smile Coin 2
Smile Coin 3
Xxx rogue ga.png Rogue GA
BC Element Null.pngBC Attribute Break.png 100 140 4-shot consecutive fwd attack. Mu Technology 1
Mu Technology 2
Mu Technology 3
Xxx moon destroy ga.png Moon Destroyer GA
BC Element Null.pngBC Attribute Sword.png 200-250 250 Lft 3-col or right 1-col cutter atk Buzzsaw 1
Buzzsaw 2
Buzzsaw 3
Xxx libra scales ga.png Libra Scales GA
BC Element Null.png 180 220 2-hit Fire, Aqua on last and 1st row. Mad Fire 2
Wide Wave 2
Big Drop 2
Xxx queen ophiuca ga.png Queen Ophiuca GA
BC Element Wood.pngBC Attribute Break.png 330 400 2 columns atk. Left 2 if frm cntr. Arach Attack 3 x3
Xxx gemini spark ga.png Gemini Spark GA
BC Element Elec.pngBC Attribute Sword.pngBC Attribute Break.png 170 210 GeminiSpark tagteam pnch and slice! Double Stone
Stun Knuckle
Elec Slash
Xxx cancer bubble ga.png Cancer Bubble GA
BC Element Aqua.png 320 380 From nearest enemy, 3x2 tidal wave! Wide Wave 1 x2
Bubble Hook 1
Xxx crown thunder ga.png Crown Thunder GA
BC Element Elec.png 420 500 2nd to last row center, X lightng atk. Plasma Gun x2
Drill Arm 1
Xxx yeti blizzard ga.png Yeti Blizzard GA
BC Element Aqua.png 270 350 Atk 3x3 pnls w/ 6 snoball rounds. Snowball 3 x2
Double Stone
Xxx plesio surf ga.png Plesio Surf GA
BC Element Aqua.png 350 450 Hit nearest emy's row w/Aqua Fang. Shark Attack 1 x3
Xxx terra condor ga.png Terra Condor GA
BC Element Null.png 110 150 3-shot misle atk straight down 3 rows. Pollen Shot 2 x2
Typhoon Dance
Xxx general auriga ga.png General Auriga GA
BC Element Null.pngBC Attribute Break.png 340 420 Unblockable 3-column rush attack. Big Drop 3 x3
Xxx apollo flame ga.png Apollo Flame GA
BC Element Heat.png 360 420 Fwd 3x3 Solar Flare attack! Mech Flame 1
Mech Flame 2
Mech Flame 3
Xxx sirius ga.png Sirius GA
BC Element Null.png 280 340 Satellite Blazer atk on 3x4 pnls White Meteor
Silver Meteor
Break Sabre
Xxx rocket launch ga.png Rocket Launch GA
BC Element Elec.pngBC Attribute Break.png 370 430 Rush atk w/RocktLnch & GravRockt Drill Arm 1 x3
Xxx ice hammer ga.png Ice Hammer B GA
BC Element Null.pngBC Attribute Break.png 400 470 Heavily Dmg 1 emy w/ DiamndIceHmr Snow Storm x2
Buki 3
Xxx strong swing ga.png Strong Swing GA
BC Element Wood.pngBC Attribute Break.png 100 130 Smack fwd 3 rows a total of 10 times Acorn Bomb 2 x2
Wood Slash
Xxx darkness hole ga.png Darkness Hole GA
BC Element Null.png 255HP:virus,
Del if below 255HP:virus,510HP:boss. Black Hole 1 x2
Black Ink
Xxx destroy missile ga.png Destroy Missile GA
BC Element Null.png 55 70 Hit all enemies on normal pnls. Jet Attack 2 x2
Xxx break time bomb ga.png Break Time Bomb GA
BC Element Heat.pngBC Attribute Break.png 630 750 Set unblockable bmb atk 2 pnls ahd. Time Bomb 3 x3
Ox Tackle GA.png Ox Tackle GA
BC Element Heat.pngBC Attribute Break.png 570 740 OxTackle all enemies in 1 column. Heat Upper 1 x2
Jet Attack 1
Xxx gorgon eye ga.png Gorgon Eye GA
BC Element Wood.png 580 700 Shoot a laser beam dwn a col. Grass Stage
Mu Technology 3 x2
Xxx gemini thunder ga.png Gemini Thunder GA
BC Element Elec.png 430 500 Gemini Thunder cntr col! Mummy Hand 3 x3
Xxx avalanche ga.png Avalanche GA
BC Element Aqua.png 90 130 Wipe out entire field w/Avalanche. Snowball 3 x2
Wide Wave 3
Xxx turrent wave ga.png Torrent Wave GA
BC Element Aqua.png 430 550 Tidal wave wash all obj from field. Pirahna Kiss 2 x3
Xxx flying impact ga.png Flying Impact GA
BC Element Wood.pngBC Attribute Break.png 530 650 2-column high-speed ram attack. Jet Attack 3 x2
Jungle Storm
Xxx rogue break ga.png Rogue Break GA
BC Element Null.pngBC Attribute Sword.pngBC Attribute Break.png 480 600 Far 3x3 pnl sword attack RogueBreak. Scythe 2 x3
Xxx holy light ga.png Holy Light GA
BC Element Null.png 100 140 Emerge 3 pnl ahead & atk adjacnt pnls Puff Blast 3 x2
Tornado Dance
Xxx wicked flame ga.png Wicked Flame GA
BC Element Heat.png 120 150 Unleash 12 WickdFlam on far 3 rows Dance Fire 3 x3
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