The Garudoriten (ガルドリテン) is the boss of the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate in Mega Man Legends. This Reaverbot is the guardian on the Red Refractor which is needed to power the Flutter. It can tuck its appendages into its yellow, cylindrical body for protection or disguise. It can attack by diving head first into its target and then jumping back and creating a shockwave. The only part of its body that is vulnerable is its head. The rest of it is covered with armor.


  • It's believed Garudoriten's name and appearance are based on Gold Lightan (ゴールドライタン Gōrudo Raitan), the main character of the anime Golden Warrior Gold Lightan. Coincidently, Gold Lightan and Mega Man Volnutt appear in the fighting game Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.
  • This Reaverbot's hands appear to be dark grey Horokko Heads.
  • It greatly resembles one of the robots from the anime movie, Castle in the Sky.
  • It is possible that when MegaMan removed the Red Refractor, a silent alarm was triggered, as nothing seemingly happened afterward.

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