Screenshot from inside the lab

Gaudile Laboratory (ガウディル研究所) is a location from Giga City in Mega Man X: Command Mission located to the east of Central Tower.


The area was originally used to revive nature with man-made mechaplants that can produce oxygen through photo-synthesis and absorb polluted air. After Epsilon's uprising, the area was abandoned and Professor Gaudile isolates himself in the area to use as his research laboratory. Being a pacifist, Gaudile refuses to help both the Rebellion Army and the Resistance.

After rescuing Nana, X, Spider and Steel Massimo go to the area to try convincing Gaudile to join the Resistance, while Dr. Psyche tries to make him join the Rebellion and Marino steals Gaudile's greatest creations, Cinnamon. Psyche goes after Marino and defeats her to take Cinnamon with him and make her help the Rebellion. When X's party meet Gaudile, he asks them to rescue Cinnamon. In the way, they find Marino unconscious and help her, and she agrees to join X's party to defeat Dr. Psyche. After Psyche's defeat, Marino, Cinnamon and Gaudile join the Resistance.


There are 67 items.

Area Description Item Boxes
Teleport Arrivals Area Area protected by guards [1 Preon Elite and 2 Preon Gunner(lv.16)]. None
East Deck High Speed Lift Area There is a broken Preon Spark for Deployment Center. Figure Token
Figure Token
Vaccine Program
Cure One
East Deck Main Route This area has flashing red security panels on the ground, if X touch them an alarm will go off and X'll be force to fight a random encounter, so if X don't want to fight use dash over them. There a Save Device in this area. Area protected by 2 Preon Elite guards. Tank Energy 25
Build LE
Build WE
LE +100
East Deck Residential Division 101 A small area. Figure Token (x5)
East Deck Residential Division 102 There is a broken Big Monkey for deployment. This area only has Zennydroppers, making this area a way to obtain Zenny early. Tank Energy 50
600 Ƶ
Protect +1
Tank Parts
Observation Deck Area Area of moderate distance. Figure Token
Figure Token
Queen of Hearts
Tank Energy 50
Laboratory Approach Another area of moderate distance. 500 Ƶ
500 Ƶ
Cure All
Gaudile Laboratory Central Analysis Room There is a Save Device in this area. None
Counter-Biohazard Sample Storage Straight path. Build Armor
Gain WE +5
Build Speed
Figure Token
Figure Token
Eternal Forest Expansive area. See below. None
Rare Item Storage Room Prize room of each of the paths. 17 of 21 paths in total, have item boxes. -Joker
-Figure Token
-Figure Token
-Figure Token
-Build Armor
-Build Shield
-Build Power
-Figure Token, Build Speed
-Figure Token, Build LE
-Figure Token, Build Armor, Item Capture
-Figure Token, Build Shield, Get Zenny +
-Figure Token, Build WE, Get EXP +
-Build Shield, Build Armor, Power Charge
-Build Speed, Build Power, Turbo Clock
-Cryogenic, Build WE, Bone Key
-Stamina Missiles, Build Hyper, Tank Parts
West Deck Main Route Marino joined the party. There is a broken Mettaur for deployment. There is a Save Device at the end of the area. Reboot
Cure One
Tank Energy 50
Great Tree Stump Hall Approach Entrance to the Great Tree Stump Hall. Gain Hyper
Tank Energy 100
Great Tree Stump Hall The party face Dr. Psyche in this area. Has a broken Dober Man for deployment that requires a Bone Key. None

Eternal Forest

Main article: Eternal Forest

The Eternal Forest contains several paths that are divided in two parts, the path of the weak and the path of the strong, each protected by a Reploid that will challenge X's party to a set fight. The path of the weak is the shortest path to the exit and contains few battles against weak enemies, while the path of the strong is longer and contains stronger enemies. At the end of the forest, a Reploid will reward X's party with Tank Energy and, depending of the path, one healing item or Zenny. Some paths contain Item Boxes on them, which include Items, Sub Weapons, Figure Tokens, Spider's weapon Joker, and the Bone Key to activate the Dober Man for the Deployment Center.


Enemies that appear in Gaudile Laboratory (excluding enemies in the Eternal Forest)


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