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Gauss Magnus, known as Gauss Magnets (ガウス・マグネッツ Gausu Magunettsu) in Japan, is an antagonist in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series and is original operator of MagnetMan.EXE. A leader in Grave, Gauss continued his criminal ways even after they crime syndicate fell before being caught by Lan Hikari and Commander Beef. He was put in jail before his daughter, Tesla Magnets, breaks him out, though this was only to take MagnetMan back. Despite changing his last name to “Magnus” (Magnets in Japan), he is a member of the Zap family and has a strained relationship with his younger brother Count Zap, and is the son of Mama Zap and the brother-in-law of Ann Electel.




MegaMan NT Warrior


MegaMan NT Warrior Axess


Rockman.EXE Stream


Rockman.EXE Beast+

He appears in episode 12.


  • While Gauss’s relationship with Count Zap is explicitly clear and fleshed out in the anime, in the video games, there is only one reference to this in Mega Man Battle Network 2, where a Quiz asks who Gauss’s brother is, and refers to Count Zap, whose name is “Jack Electel” in Japan, as “Jack Electricity”, a translation error that furthers the clarity that Count Zap and Gauss are related.

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