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Geetz, known as Jiji (ジジ) in Japan, is the loyal Servitor Unit for mistress Sera and protects her with his life. Geetz has a Reaverbot eye on his forehead and has the ability to transform into a large golden dragon-like Reaverbot and merge with machines.


A long time before Mega Man Legends 2, Geetz was sealed alongside Sera in Forbidden Island. When Mega Man Volnutt freed Geetz and Sera, they are received into the Sulphur-Bottom, where Geetz persuades Von Bluecher to search for the four keys that Sera wants, saying they are needed to obtain the Mother Lode. Geetz and Sera stay in one of the Sulphur-Bottom's rooms while Mega Man searches for the keys.

After the four keys are obtained by Mega Man, Sera orders Geetz to take control of the Sulphur-Bottom by assimilating it and he steals the keys, giving them to Sera and saying he will follow her after recovering the Master's genetic sample from Mega Man. Geetz tries to convince Yuna to leave the airship, but she denies and orders Gatz to separate Geetz from the airship, and they fight in the air in their Reaverbot forms. Geetz defeats Gatz and proceeds to fight against Mega Man in the Sulphur-Bottom's deck. Geetz is damaged in the battle, and as a last attempt to defeat Mega Man and avoid him from following Sera, Geetz dives on him and explodes. Mega Man is severely damaged, but Yuna and Data manage to save him.


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