The Gemeinschaft (ゲマインシャフト号) is a train boss from Mega Man Legends 2 built by the pirates in Calinca as an attempt to obtain the last key to the Mother Lode. It has two cars, one used by the Bonne family and other by the Glyde family. Bola and Klaymoor were with them in the beginning, but gave up of the Mother Lode and left. Joe modified the abandoned train in Yosyonke's station to Mega Man and Roll use against the pirates.

The Glyde Car has three bomb launchers in the back, two machine guns in the top and one laser in the side. After receiving high damage, the Bonnes detach the Glyde Car and it explodes. The Bonne Car first attacks with missiles mounted by Servbots, which can be taken by Mega Man to throw back at them. After some damage, it will attack with its main cannon in the top, which charges a large orange energy sphere similar to the green energy spheres used by many of their machines in the previous game. Servbots will appear above the train to throw bombs. When the cannon is destroyed, Gemeinschaft will lose its armor and reveal Bon Bonne inside moving the train, leaving only the Servbots attacking. After defeating Bon Bonne, the Bonne Car explodes and Mega Man will be allowed to enter the Calinca Ruins in Yosyonke's gallery.



  • Gemeinschaft means "community" in German, which was introduced as a category of Sociology by Ferdinand Tönnies along with Gesellschaft.
  • The large crater that appear in Calinca after the third key is obtained was caused by the cannon on top of the Bonne Car, but it wasn't finished at the time and damaged the cannon. The repair was complete during the fight against Mega Man.
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