This article is about the Rockman Strategy character. For others, see Gemini.

Gemini (雙子座 Shuāngzǐzuò) is a boss from Rockman Strategy based on the Zodiac Sign that is his namesake and which encompasses May 21 through June 21 of the "Tropical Calendar" (his element is Air). Gemini's design is also based on his namesake, appearing to be half male and half female.

Gemini is one of the alien robots led by Apollo and Luna. Mega Man finds Gemini deep within a mine in India accompanied by Metal Man and Guts Man, sent by Dr. Wily to support him in gathering mineral resources. In combat, Gemini can use two large beams of different colors.

Attribute Life SP STR DEF Speed Mobility
Wind 97 22 20 20 20 16