Gemini Man in the Mega Man comic.

This article is about Gemini Man in the Archie Comics.


Spiritus Ex Machina/Worlds Collide

Dr. Wily used Ra Moon to create Gemini Man when he set up his base in the Lanfront Ruins. However, Gemini Man was not solely a product of Wily's genius, but had in fact been co-designed by Wily and Dr. Light. After the Genesis Wave moved their world into the future, Gemini Man joined Wily's alliance with Dr. Eggman. He harassed Knuckles the Echidna and Rouge the Bat during the Robot Masters battle with Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog's allies with his afterimage abilities, although he was stunned by Dr. Light's makeshift arm cannon.

Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon

In Issue 31, Gemini Man is among the Robot Masters that Mega Man come across when seeking Ra Moon, though he seemed ready to back down when the latter explained that Ra Moon's EM field threatens humanity's existence. Unfortunately, Gemini Man is soon brought under complete control by the super computer along with the other Mega Man 3 Robot Masters. Despite that, his hologram copy retained control over his own mind until he disappeared back into the original. He and his brothers were forced to battle the Mega Man 2 line of Robot Masters and Mega Man's team until Ra Moon was destroyed by Mega Man, freeing them.

Redemption/Legends of the Blue Bomber

After successfully recruiting Shadow Man, who had been loyal to Ra Moon, Gemini Man and his brothers stole the Energy Elements from Dr. Light's Gamma robot during its unveiling. Gemini Man stations himself on a mining asteroid that was used for algae growth, using his holographic duplicates the reflective robot is briefly able overwhelm Mega Man, until he switches to the Search Snake weapon Mega Man to find the real one and bring him down, but not destroy him. Gemini Man then appears to give up but this only to bring Mega Man's guard down so another duplicate can shoot the Blue Bomber in the back. However, thanks to Rush knocking the Blue Bomber down at the last second, the laser instead only becomes a shoulder wound. In retaliation Mega Man finally puts down the reflective robot with a charged shot to the face, with his hologram only expressing shock that Mega Man missed as he disappeared.

Prisoners of War

Gemini Man and his brethren were later restored by Dr. Light and his assistants, and offered the opportunity to make a new start. However, Gemini Man felt that his powers were "too experimental to have any practical use," and thus opted to be shut down alongside several other Robot Masters. Dr. Light did so, and would have them placed on display in a Robot Museum.

Short Circuits

Gemini Man appeared in Issue 30's humor strip as one of two Robot Masters mistaken for Needle Man by Mega Man.

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