For his video game appearance, see Geo Stelar.
"My name is Geo Stelar. I'm 11 years old. My father disappeared while working in the satellite 'Peace'..."
—Geo, in the anime.

Geo Stelar, known as Subaru Hoshikawa (星河スバル Hoshikawa Subaru) in Japan, is the main character of the Mega Man Star Force anime series. A young boy living at Echo Ridge, he is the son of Kelvin and Hope Stelar. After falling into a deep depression when his father goes missing in a space station accident, Geo refuses to go to school or socialize, shutting himself off from the world. This changes when he meets Omega-Xis, and the two merge to become the Star Force Mega Man, known as Shooting Star Rockman (シューティングスター・ロックマン) in Japan.


After the disappearance of his father, fell into a deep depression and closed himself off from the world, refusing to go to school and make friends and studying at home. Despite this, Geo maintained a strong sense of justice and is willing to put himself out there to help and aid others, even if he is particularly fond of them, such as when he initially met Luna Platz, Bud Bison, and Zack Temple, but still saved them from viruses as it was the right thing to do.

However, after meeting Omega-Xis and becoming Mega Man, Geo makes friends with the trio as well as Sonia Sky and quickly opens up again, and from then on has a cheerful and outgoing attitude, often spending time with his new friends and Omega-Xis.


Mega Man Star Force

Three months before the start of the series, Geo comes home from school to find his mother crying at their dinner table with Aaron Boreal. Aaron pulls out Kelvin’s Visualizer and states that based on the remains of the space station, no one survived. Geo asks in a shocked confusion when his father was coming home, and was met with no answer.

In the present, Geo lies on the ground of Vista Point a night and puts on his father’s Visualizer, looking up at the EM Waves, wishing his father he was there to see them. In the morning his mother wakes him up, and he states he won’t go to school, which she tells him that she woke him up because the food dispenser is acting up as she was trying to make oatmeal, much to his disappointment. He inspects it and uses the Visualizer to see the Mettennas that were infesting it, and uses a Sword Battle Card to delete them, producing pancakes instead.

As the two eat, Hope asks him how his online studies are going and begins to suggest going back to school, though he interrupts and says he won’t. She tells him that she can’t convince him and he’ll go back when he’s ready. He apologies and Hope asks if he wants seconds before the doorbell rings. Geo answers the door to find Luna Platz, the student president of Grade 5A at Echo Ridge Elementary: Geo’s class. She tells him he has been absent since the school year started, much to Geo’s annoyance, and attempts to drag him to school. As she drags him, Geo protests until the run into Zack Temple, who begins to look Geo up and down while talking about the disappearance of his father, which angers Geo. He rips his wrist out of Luna’s hand and begins to run away before bumping into Bud Bison, who grabs Geo. The two tussle but Bud gets the upper hand, though their teacher distracts them and Geo flees.

Geo makes his way to AMAKEN, where he is reprimanded by Tom Dubius, who accuses him of being a corporate spy. Aaron comes and vouches for him, and shows him a rocket ship they’re working on. Aaron asks what Geo wants to do when he gets older, and Geo states he feels like his father is alive somewhere in space, so he’ll become an astronaut and find him with the rocket Aaron is showing him, which Aaron replies he will have to study hard, as his father was an ace pilot and a much respected top scientist. He also urges him to go back to school and make friends, which he rejects after what Zack said to him, and states he doesn’t need friends.

He returns to Vista Point and reflects on his day before he sees two odd lights clashing (which is really Cygnus and Omega-Xis fighting one another), and watches before Omega-Xis is shot down onto Geo. The two merge briefly before Geo is left unconscious on the ground.

Yamato Man

Shooting Star Rockman

It has been 3 months since Geo's father disappeared in space and since he last has gone to school.

One day, Luna Platz finds Geo and tries to drag him off to school. However, due to Zack Temple's sudden arrival and his comments about him, Geo runs off, despite Bud Bison's attempt to stop him. During a visit at AMAKEN labs, Aaron tries to urge Geo to try and go to school, again, but Geo refuses to, and even states that he doesn't need any friends when Aaron stated that Geo should try to make some, as it made Geo remember how Luna, Zack, and Bud talked to him earlier. He visits Vista Point again, as he star gazes, he notices some strange lights, that is actually a Wave Battle in the form of differently-colored blocks (due to the battle being too far away to completely detect) and is soon hit by a falling wave. He was found by the Satella Police and goes back home in a daze like state with his mother, until he remembers what happened to him, but his mother says that he might have just been dreaming.

As he lays in bed, he remembered how he met someone named Omega-Xis in a Wave Space and how Omega-Xis was hurt from his earlier battle, and Omega-Xis seemed shocked about Geo's EM Wave frequency. However, Omega-Xis had to cut their meeting short from the arrival of the Satella Police and hid in his Transer. When he thinks that it might have been a dream, until Omega-Xis reveals himself to him and ushers him to use his Visualizers. As they talk, the mention of Geo's father, Kelvin, came up and Geo learned that Omega-Xis knew him more than Omega-Xis let on, as Omega-Xis tries to excuse himself from talking anymore by talk about how his wound was hurting him. So while similar to the game counterpart, Geo meets Omega-Xis, and the alien being knows something about Kelvin Stelar, but unlike his counterpart, Geo willingly makes him stay to try and find out himself, without Omega-Xis toying with the information to Geo as an excuse to make Geo let him stay.

A few days later, Omega-Xis explains to Geo where he's from and what the danger of the Planet FM is having and how their sole purpose is to destroy the world, and explains how FM's sister planet, Planet AM, was destroyed by FM. Later, a train is attacked by a large amount of EM viruses during the day, and Geo wanted to help out when he saw Luna in danger, who happened to be riding the train at the time, but Omega-Xis tried to make Geo ignore it since it wasn't any of their business and how Geo had earlier shown that he didn't really care for Luna at all. However, when Geo still went up to try and help fight the viruses, Omega-Xis intervened when Geo was in trouble. Omega-Xis then performs the EM Wave Change with Geo to defeat the viruses, as well as saving Luna from falling off. Luna gains an instant crush on the disguised Geo, and asks him for his name. In the English version, Geo almost reveals his name, but Omega-Xis quickly declares Mega Man. However, in the Japanese version, Geo is interrupted by Omega-Xis, and mutters "Rock," due to Omega-Xis's name in Japan being War-Rock. Bob Copper, a detective, tries to apprehend Mega Man (as well as dubbing Geo the name "Rockman" in the Japanese version), but is pushed away by Luna, who was in fan-girl mode. Afterwards, Omega-Xis questions Geo why he would try to help someone that he didn't even like, and called Geo strange, but Geo refuted that it was what meant to be human.

After that, Geo went through some training with Omega-Xis for learning to master the EM Wave Change, and afterwards, he met up with Tom Dubius, who was attempting to test out the Sky Jacket. After seeing its ability to fly and how Tom was gloating about never allowing anyone to take his invention, Geo muttered how Tom was a loony. When Tom fell after the Sky Jacket ran out of fuel, Geo went after to see if he was okay, only to be considered a spy by him. When Geo showed that he was hungry, he brought out a candy bar and broke it in half and offered one to Tom, seemingly earning his trust by Geo's kindness. Omega-Xis questioned why Geo would give up half his food when Geo was hungry, which Geo replied to be another human trait, surprising Omega-Xis. A bit later, Omega-Xis explains to Geo how there will be 9 FM-ians that will attempt attack and for Geo to be ready.

It comes true as Cygnus arrives and takes over Tom Dubius and becomes Cygnus Wing and attacks AMAKEN labs. Geo attempts to stop him, and learns of the Andromeda Key the first time. At first Geo is hesitant to fight Cygnus Wing, out of fear of hurting Tom, but Omega-Xis assures him that the only way to save Tom was to defeat Cygnus. Cygnus Wing scoffs at that and soon flies off to drop a satellite on the lab, and Geo gives chase. When he faces Cygnus again, Geo tries to reason with Tom inside Cygnus Wing. At first it seemed to not be working, but Omega-Xis's interference seemed to have an effect and weakens Cygnus's grip on Tom, and Geo takes that chance to strike. While it seemed that Geo defeated him and saved Tom, Cygnus retakes Tom and escapes with him, and Geo has to destroy the satellite instead of giving chase to him. Afterwards, when Geo asks Omega-Xis about the Andromeda Key, the alien refutes that it has nothing to do with Geo, and Geo decides to not question it any further and promises that he'll save Tom.

Eventually, after some times passes, Omega-Xis becomes bored of Geo's life and wants to do something exciting, and the topic of school comes up, making Omega-Xis wanting to go there, and pesters Geo to take him there all day and night, till Geo finally gave in, much to his chagrin. However, when Geo took Omega-Xis to school, the EM being found the school to be even more boring and soon ditched Geo to go do something more interesting. Geo tried to search for Omega-Xis, but met up with Luna and her gang and urged to take a tour of some places, like the planetarium, which Geo took a major interest on. After school was over and he was to return home with Luna and the others, trouble arouse as Geo noticed Omega-Xis in a battle against Taurus and it turned disastrous when Taurus took control of Bud and EM Wave Changed to Taurus Fire. Geo EM Wave Changed with Omega-Xis and battled Taurus Fire and managed to defeat him, thus freeing Bud.

Geo eventually comes to learn about Sonia Sky and one night finds Omega-Xis missing from his Transer. Looking into the night with his Visualizer, he notices a battle and goes to find the source and manages to get there in time before Lyra Note (Harp Note in the original version) could deal a finishing blow on Omega-Xis, and then Geo ended up getting caught by the Satella Police, raising even more suspicion from Bob Copper. Geo also later has to deal with Copper when that latter starts to follow him around till he had to be locked up when a human virus was attacking a museum. Though he was freed with Zack's help, he returned to the car to avoid suspicion and Copper deemed that Geo was just some crazy fan of Mega Man's, and advised Geo not to get involved with the blue bomber.

More battles came with FM-ians like when Geo had to battle Libra, and while he had the advantage of being EM Wave Changed while Libra still lacked a human host, the retreating Libra took shelter by possessing a human, that was  teacher in his school he met, along with Pat. When Geo had to battle Libra, as Libra Scales, Geo managed to overcome him once more. 

However, later, Geo faced his greatest challenge yet, Gemini Spark. When Geo first faces him as just the White Gemini Spark, the foe shows him to be very powerful and skilled, able to match Geo and even overwhelm him. Despite landing a powerful hit on the White Gemini Spark, the FM-ian showed no signs of defeat, and when Geo attempted to fire again, he was stopped by a shot from a Plasma Gun Battle Card that came from Gemini Spark Black. Shocked that there were two of them, Geo had to retreat at Omega-Xis's call. When Gemini Spark attempted to lure Geo out again by causing trouble all around the city, Geo attempted to go, but Omega-Xis stopped him, saying that he has no intention of fighting a battle that cannot be won. However, Geo threatens that he will no longer fight with Omega-Xis if they don't go, forcing Omega-Xis to comply. Facing him again, Geo fought valiantly, even after separating them and tried to take advantage of the water's interference of EM waves, but Gemini Spark proved to be too strong to handle, and Geo was defeated. However, Gemini Spark was saved by the interference of Lyra Note, who chose to help him out, allowing Geo to get a strike on Gemini Spark and forcing them to retreat, but Omega-Xis stated that they lost, which Geo agreed, while wondering who Lyra Note was.

From then on, Geo faced more FM-ians, such as Cancer, Wolf, and Crown, the latter two had some manipulations from Gemini's hands, but Geo managed to overcome them with help from Lyra Note. And soon, he faced the final FM-ian; Ophiucus, who had taken control of Luna to become Ophiucus Queen. However, that battle was difficult as Omega-Xis stated that if Ophiucus was very powerful at full strength and would overpower Geo is Ophiucus managed to fully take control of Luna, as the latter had been fighting off the control from her fangirl crush of Mega Man. With Lyra Note's help, Geo managed to defeat Ophiucus and save Luna. 

Eventually, Cygnus returned in Tom Dubius's body, now having complete and total control over him, to the point that Tom simply passing by any electronics caused them to malfunction. When Tom became Cygnus Wing and nearly killed Aaron Boreal, Geo managed to save him, and the saved man somehow recognized Geo from his voice and appearance. Afterwards, Geo immediately went to combat Cygnus Wing, and fought as hard as he could. However, Omega-Xis is doubtful on whether defeating Cygnus now will do much now that he became this infused with Tom, and now defeating him might harm Tom as well. Cygnus then tricks Geo by making an image of Tom to Geo and stating how all FM-ians are evil, including Omega-Xis, and stated that Omega-Xis had killed his father. Geo is shocked at this, and the EM-Wave Change started to deteriorate. Cygnus took the chance and attacked Mega Man, defeating him and sending him crashing to the waves. Geo managed to hold on to the EM Wave Change long enough to survive the fall, before losing it completely. Omega-Xis managed to save him by bring Aaron over to save him and take him to the hospital.

After that battle, after waking up in the hospital, Geo demanded answers from Omega-Xis about his father, having had enough of how the subject was always avoided. Omega-Xis told him that what Cygnus said was true and how he was the captain of the ones in charge of attacking the Space Station. Out of anger and betrayal, Geo told Omega-Xis to leave and never come back. Before Omega-Xis left, he mentioned how he learned a lot from being with Geo, one of which was friendship. Soon after he left, Geo was ready to check out and was looking at his empty Transer with a sad expression on his face.

When viruses began appearing in the real world, Geo tried to fight on his own, without the need to EM Wave Change, and even told Luna and the others that Mega Man was gone for good. As he fought viruses that kept infinitely appearing, he was almost overwhelmed and almost fell to his death, but then Omega-Xis arrived and transformed Geo into Mega Man, saving him. Geo asked why he did this, and Omega-Xis said he just wanted to, and also stated that he will explain everything to Geo about his father if Geo helps him now,which Geo agreed to. They soon rescued Lyra Note, who was defeated from being exhausted from her never-ending battle against viruses. There, Geo's suspicions about Lyra Note's identity being Sonia Sky were confirmed.

Geo then went to stop the root of the virus cause, the FM-ians. However, due to Cygnus's help, the other FM-ians that Geo defeated were able to transform into their EM Wave Changed forms, without the aid of taking control of a human host. Geo fought as best he could, but was soon overwhelmed by the force of all the FM-ians, and transformed out. Cygnus threatened to kill Geo if Omega-Xis did not reveal the location of the Andromeda Key, and even made one of his feathers next to Geo's head explode, forcing Omega-Xis to reveal that the Key was inside his body. Geo awoke to see Cygnus Wing taking the Andromeda Key from Omega-Xis's body, and was soon saved by the three Satellite Admins: Leo Kingdom, Dragon Sky, Pegasus Magic. They soon explained to him who they were and that Omega-Xis had not killed Geo's father, something Geo admitted to wanting to believe as well, and stated that Omega-Xis was his friend. The Admins also explained the awakening of Andromeda was coming and how Mega Man was their last hope, as the Admins had expended all their energies to save Geo. He then received their Star Force Cards, used to initiate the Star Break. Geo then went and rescued Omega-Xis from a prison that Cygnus created and asked his friend if he would work together again with Geo, which Omega-Xis agreed as they merged.

When he returned to Earth as Mega Man, he faced the FM-ians again, and while putting up an even stronger fight (due to Geo stating that he was happy to fight with Omega-Xis, thus making their powers stronger), he was still losing from the number of foes he had to face. Drawing the Star Force cards, Geo used the Star Break, and managed to easily defeat them, forcing them to retreat. Then he destroyed Cygnus, which freed Tom Dubius at last. Gemini Spark, who held the Andromeda Key was also struck by Mega Man and dropped the key. Omega-Xis, from Mega Man's left arm grabbed the key with his mouth and bit the key hard enough to release the negative energy to deactivate Andromeda, and thought to have destroyed it. Afterwards, Geo told Omega-Xis that he could tell Geo about his father when the time was right, showing how Geo had matured.

After that incident, there were many reoccurring attacks from the FM-ians who were trying to gather negative energy to refill the Andromeda Key (This was actually a counterfeit Gemini created, while he held the real one).

Geo also got mixed in some humorous events, such as having to break up a rivalry that Luna had with Lyra Note, where he, as Mega Man, had to decide who he liked better. Luckily for him, it ended with just friends for both. Geo had also temporarily turned Omega-Xis into an EM Wave dog, so that he could win an EM Wave telescope at a tournament for all-dogs. Omega-Xis complied, because he destroyed Geo's EM Wave telescope by playing around in his lawn mower.

Eventually, AMAKEN had discovered a signal that was the same as the space station, Peace, the one Geo's father, Kelvin, was in. It was then, that Omega-Xis had finally revealed to truth of what had occurred. Omega-Xis, at first, was trying to destroy the space station under orders from the paranoid Cepheus. However, that changed when he tried to take over Kelvin, when Omega-Xis saw that Kelvin had exactly the same EM Wave frequency as himself, to perform EM Wave Change. Kelvin's positive energy, however, had overwhelmed and had changed Omega-Xis, so Omega-Xis turned traitor to the FM-ians. When Cygnus attacked from discovering Omega-Xis's treachery, Omega-Xis was forced to use an ability that only he could use, (unknowingly because he was an AM-ian) the ability to turn humans into EM beings. When finished listening, Geo was happy to know that his father was still alive.

However, soon the alarm screen appeared, showing all the FM-ians he had been battling decided to go for one final assault to gather the negative energy for the Andromeda Key. Mega Man and Lyra Note, who appeared shortly after Mega Man did, battled them and the result was the Andromeda Key breaking when it fell from Cancer's grip. Then, the FM-ians saw a message sent by the FM King himself, telling them to come home.

It turned out that the signal that AMAKEN picked up was actually a Brother Band that was aimed at Planet FM. Soon the Brother Band was accepted by the planet and all the life forms within it had been purified of their negative emotions. The crisis seems to be over.

However soon, at AMAKEN, Omega-Xis sensed and was found by a crying Cancer Bubble seeking refuge. Geo and Omega-Xis then discover something terrible from Cancer. Gemini was going around destroying the other FM-ians to restore the true Andromeda Key. Cancer also revealed that Gemini needed only one more FM-ian to completely refill the Key. Geo instantly realized that that means that Sonia/Lyra Note was in danger and hurried to her at her concert as Mega Man.

Geo barely managed to save Sonia from Gemini Spark. When Mega Man battled them, he was once again at a disadvantage by number, but he managed to win using the Star Break. However, by defeating Gemini, he discovered a shocking truth. Pat, who was a close friend of Geo's, was in fact, Gemini Spark. Pat then teleported out, but not before telling Geo that Andromeda will soon awaken.

Geo then took Lyra Note to his house, to have her leg treated, where they finally introduce themselves. After Sonia's treatment, Geo was talking to Omega-Xis, Lyra, and Sonia, where he found out that there is almost a 0% chance of saving Pat, for Pat retains almost no human consciousness left. This left Geo to doubt himself, but Sonia encouraged Geo, saying that they could still try, helping him regain his confidence. Then Geo received a call from Aaron Boreal, telling him that the Star Carriers were finally complete.

Geo and Sonia went to AMAKEN, where they both received the first Star Carriers. Then, they heard the alarm and knew that Gemini had now awakened Andromeda, since the Key had absorbed enough negative energy to activate it, but not at its full power. They EM Wave Changed and went to try and stop Andromeda. On their pursuit, they ran into EM Viruses and quickly dispatched them using their new ability to instantly use Battle Cards without Predation. However, when they got to Andromeda, none of their attacks even put a dent on Andromeda, as it quickly shook the two off. Then Gemini Spark showed themselves. They offered Mega Man and Lyra Note a chance to join them to rule the universe, and Gemini Spark White even tried to gesture to Geo, being the form that Pat assumes. When Mega Man and Lyra Note refused, and Geo tried to reason with Pat, Gemini Spark used their Gemini Thunder attack on them. Mega Man pushed himself and Lyra Note out of the way and fell into the ocean. Gemini Spark then ordered Andromeda to fire the Giga Missile at them. Mega Man and Lyra Note got hit after they had resurfaced, and fell unconscious. Mega Man was woken up by Cancer Bubble and asked Cancer to look after Lyra Note, who was still unconscious, due to the fact that she took the full hit of the attack.

Mega Man went to pursue Andromeda again, this time using the Star Break. His Ice Pegasus transformation's attack, Magician's Freeze, encased Andromeda in ice, but Andromeda freed itself by transforming into its battle form. Geo then transformed again, and used Green Dragon's attack, Elemental Cyclone, on Andromeda. This was quickly dispatched by Andromeda going through the cyclone and grabbing Geo. Geo managed to transform one more time and also freed himself from Andromeda's grip. His Fire Leo's attack, Atomic Blazer, was easily blocked with Andromeda's arms. Gemini then ordered it to fire it's Nebula Breaker, where Andromeda fired a green energy beam from its core. Mega Man attempted to use a Barrier Battle Card to protect himself, but the attack was too powerful and Geo still took the full brunt of the attack. Mega Man fell to the ground, unconscious, where he transformed back to Geo, at the witness of his friends, Luna, Bud, and Zack. Luna fainted from the shock of the revelation.

The three Battle Cards of the Satellite Admins, then came to life in their Star Force forms, where they used the last of their power to battle Andromeda. When Geo came to, he saw the Satellite Admins battling Andromeda. He then witnesses Dragon Sky and Leo Kingdom, sacrifice themselves to destroy Andromeda's arms. Geo transformed into Mega Man and saw Pegasus Magic sacrifice himself to Andromeda's chest. Mega Man then finished Andromeda off by striking it with Break Saber.

The battle wasn't over yet though. Gemini Spark White decided to destroy Gemini Spark Black, so he could finally complete the Andromeda Key. This caused Andromeda to rebuild itself back to normal, as if nothing had happened. Andromeda, who is now complete, could now simply drill into the Earth's core and self-destruct. Gemini Spark White then left to escape the doomed planet. Mega Man immediately gave chase. Geo used Gravity Stage Battle Card to slow Gemini down, and caught up to him. Gemini, in response, threw the Andromeda Key down to Earth, so Mega Man would go get it and he could escape. Geo caught the Key with Omega-Xis's head and destroyed it completely, but wasn't sure if he made it in time.

Then a voice is heard, revealed to be the FM King's, Cepheus, who said that Andromeda had now been disabled. Cepheus had come personally, to apologize for the damage that his minions had caused and offered repentance. Omega-Xis asked where Kelvin was. Cepheus then revealed his from, and teleported Geo to his father, Kelvin. Geo was overjoyed to see him and embraced him. Geo asked if Kelvin could come home again. Kelvin, however, said that he cannot and explained how the FM-ians became evil from the creation of Andromeda, but also noted that human beings were not so different. Kelvin also stated that the Brother Band was the hope for the future, and how he was planning of going across the universe to form a Brother Band with everyone. He also said that he left the Earth in Geo's hands and then left.

Geo then found himself at the Observation Point where he usually goes to look at the stars. He then notices that Pat was lying on the ground unconscious. Later, it was discovered that Pat was rescued by Cepheus, when he destroyed Gemini, and that his memories involving Gemini were erased. Geo and Pat were able to remain as friends.

Shooting Star Rockman Tribe

In the second anime series, Subaru comes to AMAKEN labs and learns about how there were new viruses on Earth that were possibly native Earth itself, since Cepheus had stopped the attack on Earth, and thereby had all the viruses leave. While puzzled by this new knowledge, Subaru went to a field trip to a museum (that was ironically where the viruses attacked) that Luna and the others were going to.

Once there, Subaru learns about the OOPArt, known as the "Sword of Berserk" and how it was releasing a lot of strange Radio Waves. The trip was cut short, as the museum was suddenly attacked by Yeti Blizzard. Changing into Rockman, Subaru attempted to stop Yeti Blizzard, but also encountered Phantom Black, who was also after the OOPArt. During the conflict, the OOPArt fell and in an attempt to retrieve it, Warrock accidentally swallows the sword when he meant to keep it safe by holding it in his mouth, which cause problems for him later. They try to have Warrock examined by Mr. Amachi to try and remove the OOPArt from Warrock's stomach. This, however, proved to be impossible, for the very removal of the sword could very well delete Warrock, for the sword was practically bonded to Warrock already.

The pair is picked up by Heiji Goyōda, but surprisingly he was told to drive Subaru to some science building. There he meets Doctor Orihime, a great and famous scientist who reveals to know Rockman's identity, and about Warrock, through the use of special contact lenses that function similarly to Subaru's Visualizer. Then Orihime explains that the gate to the continent of Mu was unsealed due the FM King's enormous amounts of Radio Waves released when he entered Planet Earth. She asks Subaru to find and retrieve the other two OOPArts that were located somewhere around the world that held a connection to Mu, and protect them from the others who intended to use them for evil, such as Yeti Blizzard and Phantom Black. Soon, they were attacked by Burai. Subaru faced him, but was easily overwhelmed by Burai's brutal attacks, and Warrock noted that Burai felt strange to him. Orihime then paralyzed Burai with the Jamming Beam when Burai was almost on the verge of winning, giving Subaru the chance to attack. Burai retreated from the damage received. Subaru then talks to Orihime again and agrees to help her.

Subaru soon gets a call from Misora where he wishes to meet to talk. Subaru explained everything that happened and was happy to have Misora agree to help him. Then, Warrock and Harp sensed Burai's approach, and were shocked to witness an Radio Wave Change that didn't require the support from an Radio Wave Body, which Warrock noted what he sensed in their previous fight, or rather sensed the lack of an Radio Wave Life Form. They were attacked by Burai, and were both overwhelmed despite the team-up. Cancer was there as well, but he wasn't any use at all as Burai simply kicked him to the sky. While Subaru was unconscious as Rockman, Burai was stomping on Warrock on Subaru left arm. Burai then was about to strike Warrock's head with his sword, but the Sword of Berserk activated and transformed Subaru into Rockman Thunder Berserk. With the new power, Rockman Thunder Berserk unconsciously swung the new Thunder Blade once and sent an overwhelming Thunder Slash attack the made Burai retreat.

As Subaru began to search for the OOPArts made him travel to many places across the entire world. He was also continuously running into a battle with Yeti Blizzard or Phantom Black. In those battles, he sometimes transformed into Thunder Berserk, when the battle proved too difficult.

It is soon shown that Warrock is unable to control the OOPArt that he'd swallowed, and experiences painful convulsions that either happen during or after a Tribe On. Without his 'approval', the Sword of Berserk can lose control and make him Tribe On when unnecessary. In fact, at one point, the sword turns on Subaru and tried to slice him in two. Things continued to get worse for them until Rockman's third fight with Burai. After Burai knocked Subaru unconscious, Subaru woke up in a dream the OOPArt created. Subaru saw the blade he carried when he is in Thunder Berserk mode, though it was a more giant version. The blade then showed the conflict that Warrock got in trying to drag Rockman's unconscious body away from Burai, who was using Battle Cards to stop him. The blade then created a smaller version of itself that was the same size that Rockman carried. Subaru thought that it was a test to see if Subaru was worthy of wielding the OOPArt, and to pass, Subaru had to pull the sword from the ground. Subaru pulled as hard as he could, and ever harder knowing that Warrock's life was in danger. Right before Burai dealt the finishing blow, Subaru succeeded in pulling the Sword out, which also pulled the giant version as well, and instantly woke up from the dream and transformed as well.

Subaru and Burai clashed their swords at each other, where Subaru collapsed from the exhaustion, but Burai's sword was cut. Burai was shocked to realize that Subaru had actually mastered the OOPArt. Then Subaru struck Burai one more time, causing Burai to retreat. When they were back to have Warrock examined one more time, they discovered that the sword had stopped going out of control inside Warrock. So as a result, Subaru and Warrock gained full control over the form of Berserk, and the OOPArt properly fused with Warrock' body.

Yamato Spear

Forms and abilities

Mega Man

  • EM Wave Change - Used alongside Omega-Xis. Allows the two to merge to become Mega Man.
    • Mega Buster - Mega Man’s main form of attack. Shoots light purple-pink blasts of energy.
    • Superhuman Strength - As Mega Man, Geo is strong enough to physically beat off viruses and even catch and hold a falling monorail car without recoil.
  • Predation - Mega Man’s initial way of using Battle Cards. Omega-Xis, on Mega Man’s arm, swallowed the card and became it, allowing Mega Man to attack.

Star Force

Using the power of the Satellite Admins, Geo can use the Star Break and turn into forms modeled after each of the satellites: Leo, Dragon, and Pegasus.

Ice Pegasus

  • Magician’s Freeze - Pegasus Magic’s symbol appears underneath the opponent and encases them in ice.

Green Dragon

  • Elemental Cyclone - MegaMan spins rapidly, producing a large tornado with leaves that attack the opponent.

Fire Leo

  • Atomic Blazer - MegaMan fires a powerful fire beam at his opponent.

Battle Cards

Battle Cards owned and used by Geo:

  • Ice Pegasus Star Break (Destroyed)
  • Green Dragon Star Break (Destroyed)
  • Fire Leo Star Break (Destroyed)
  • Sword
  • Heat Ball 1
  • Gatling Gun 1 (called Gatling)
  • Air Spread
  • Cannon
  • Brave Sword 1
  • Jet Attack 1
  • Wide Wave 1
  • Tidal Edge
  • Heavy Cannon
  • Fokx-Fu 1 (called Ghost-Fu)
  • Wide Sword
  • Fire Bazooka 1
  • Fire Ring 1
  • Power Bomb 1
  • Long Sword
  • Plus Cannon
  • Break Sabre
  • Freeze Knuckle
  • Plasma Gun 1
  • Black Hole 1
  • Thunder Ball 1
  • Barrier

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  • Geo’s Transer was linked to the Pegasus Satellite.
  • The Mega Buster has also been called Rock Buster, its Japanese name, in the English dub.

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