Giga Aspis (ギガアスピス Giga Asupisu) is the boss from the intro stage of Mega Man ZX. It is a giant snake-like Mechaniloid made of several large parts combined. Its body is covered in special plating that reflects all attacks. Its only weak spot is its head. A Giga Aspis was sent to interfere with the Guardians' attempts at retrieving the Biometal Model X. However, its chosen wielder (Vent/Aile) megamerged with Model X and drove it away with a charged up Buster Shot. They then went over deeper into Area A, eventually locating it and finishing it off.


  • The remains of Hyleg Ourobockle can be seen on the left side of the Giga Aspis' arena.
  • Similarly, the wreckage of Altoloid, the giant snake Mechaniloid on which Ourobockle is fought, can be seen scattered throughout the opening stage.
  • The overall design of Giga Aspis as well as its weakness is also a reference to the Snake boss in Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse. Both the Mega Man series and the Magical Quest series were created by Capcom.

Desert Aspis

Desert Aspis, roughly "Desaspis" (デザアスピス Desaasupisu, combination of desert (デザート, desāto) and Aspis) in Japan, is a desert modified version of the Giga Aspis that appear as the sub-boss of Oil Field 2 from Mega Man ZX Advent.

It trades agility for variegated attack potential. Like the predecessor, its weak point is the head. Desert Aspis attacks with fire balls and tries to slam the player. Grey/Ashe (Biometal Model A's chosen wielder) encountered Desert Aspis in the Oil Fields when trying to locate the wreckage of the Raider's ship for spare parts regarding the Hunters Guild's damaged train, before defeating it.


Note: Attack names are not official. They are used for reference.

  • Fire Wheel: Desert Aspis' standard attack. It releases four fireballs that act in an orbital manner. (similar to Scorch Wheel) The fireballs are then spread out in an propagating fashion.
  • Fire Wheel (Ground) : It lowers its body, then releases the fireballs, which travel across the ground.
  • Oil Spit: Spits oil in random positions. The main purpose if it is for the fire wheel (if they make contact, the oil ignites)
  • Petrify: If the player is too close to the Aspis, its eyes will flash a purple tint before stopping the player in place.
  • Body Slam: Desert Aspis raises it highest length before slamming down on the player.
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