Falcon Armor's Giga Attack in Mega Man X6

The Giga Attack (ギガアタック) is a powerful attack from the Mega Man X series that X can use with his armors in Mega Man X5 and Mega Man X6. Like the Giga Crush, a Giga Attack converts energy taken from enemies into energy for the Giga Attack's gauge. When the gauge is full, all energy accumulated can be released to perform a powerful attack, being helpful to escape from an emergency. However, unlike the Giga Crush, the range of the attack varies, not all of them being full-screen attacks.


Mega Man X5

  • Falcon Armor - A full-screen attack like the Giga Crush.
  • Gaea Armor - The effect is almost the same as Falcon Armor, but the attack range is very short, only harming nearby enemies.

Mega Man X6

  • Falcon Armor - A full-screen attack like its previous appearance, but with the addition of a background effect.
  • Blade Armor - Uses the Z-Saber to slash and send energy waves forward.
  • Shadow Armor - Uses the Z-Saber to summon two large crescent slashes that spin over and under X.



  • The button to activate the Nova Strike and Rakuhouha in Mega Man X4 is named Giga Attack in the options menu and in Rakuhouha's description. It retains the name in Mega Man X5 and X6, also being used to activate C-Flasher and Rekkoha. Besides using the same button, Zero's three techniques share similarities with X's Giga Attacks in that they are full-screen attacks, make the user invincible during the attack, and have their energy recharged when hit by enemies.
  • In Compendium of Rockman X, the Ultimate Armor's Nova Strike from Mega Man X5 and X6 is called Giga Attack, and it is noted to be different from other Giga Attacks in that it doesn't require a gauge and can be used any number of times.

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