"I'm no Maverick... I'm not doing anything wrong.... I'm working hard to realize my master's dream of a new world."
―Gigabolt Man-O-War, Mega Man X8

Gigabolt Man-O-War, also known as Gigavolt Man-o-war or Gigabolt Dokragen (ギガボルト・ドクラーゲン Gigaboruto Dokurāgen) in Japan, is a New Generation Reploid from Mega Man X8 based on a Portuguese Man-O-War that supplied energy to Megalopolis.

When he went Maverick, he started causing chaos and siphoned off the energy supply of Megalopolis to Sigma. The Maverick Hunters had to chase him throughout the city with a Sirius Ride Chaser to stop his rampage. After receiving enough damage, he was forced to land and face the Hunters. Despite his actions, he denied turning Maverick, or at least was unaware that his actions were Maverick.


Gigabolt Man-O-War is a large Reploid with a conical body, meant to resemble the hood of a jellyfish. His limbs are long and drag behind his levitating body like the tentacles of a jellyfish as well. His armor is colored blue and purple, while his head is white and concealed in a glass case. He also possesses small electric coils on his shoulders.

Gigabolt Man-O-War seemed to have suffered some sort of malfunction by the time the Maverick Hunters encountered him. He briefly exhibited an inability to speak, or at least a reluctance to. He had a sort of childlike innocence, not truly understanding the term Maverick and instead unquestioningly following Sigma's orders.

During his fight with the Hunters, he shouted completely nonsensical things mostly related to food and condiments as battle cries, showing how far his sanity had slipped. Indeed, among other things, he would scream "Squid Cookie!", "Elbow Juice!", "Potato Salad!" while performing attacks, and shriek "I'M A DANCER!" when performing his Overdrive Attack.


Man-O-War usually attacks by shooting electric bolts, releasing electrified jellyfish, and divebombing the player. During Overdrive, he'll use his Thunder Dancer to strike the platform with lightning multiple times.  If a Crystal Wall is placed on the platform, it will act like a lightning rod and he'll always strike it first.  He's weak to the weapons obtained from Earthrock Trilobyte: Crystal Wall, Rekkyoudan, and Bound Blaster. Zero's D Glaive can be very useful with Rekkyoudan, allowing the player to hit him from a distance, which will save them from damage, and it will destroy many electric jellyfish in one hit.



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Navigator Descriptions


  • Keep the target in your sights as he moves. If you attack it enough, you should be able to stop its rampage.
  • You've almost caught up to the target! Take him down before you miss your chance!


  • The target is on the move. Chase it down, and stop it. Watch out for the human aircars and signs. Drive safely!
  • The target seems to be absorbing Megalopolis' energy into itself... If you don't do something, we're in for a meltdown! Hurry and shoot him down!


  • The evacuation's not over yet. Looks like there are still aircars on the road. Be careful not to involve Reploids in this mess!
  • You're gaining on the target! Just a little more! Keep it up!


Before defeating Four Mavericks

X: Gigavolt Man-o-war! Return Megalpolis' energy supply to normal! If you don't, the city will be, destroyed. Gigabolt Man-O-War: .......... ......................... X: Has the change to Maverick even caused the loss of his speech capabilities? Gigabolt Man-O-War: I'm no Maverick. Who are you, anyway? X: I'm X! I'm a Maverick Hunter.

Zero: Return Megalopolis' power to normal. Now... Gigabolt Man-O-War: ........ ................ Zero: He's so far gone, he can't even respond... Gigabolt Man-O-War: I'm no Maverick... I'm not doing anything wrong... Zero: Looks like I'll have to teach you a lesson!

Axl: What's going on here, Man-o-War? If you don't return the power to normal, the people of Megalopolis will suffer. Gigabolt Man-O-War: ......... ..................... Axl: He's so far gone becoming Maverick he can't even talk... Gigabolt Man-O-War: What? What's a Maverick? Do you know what it is? Axl: Maverick? That's an out of control Reploid like yourself. I'll have to take you down.

After defeating Four Mavericks

X: Gigavolt Man-o-war! Has Sigma made you go Maverick? Gigabolt Man-O-War: .......... ........................... X: Has the change to Maverick even caused the loss of his speech capabilities? Gigabolt Man-O-War: I'm no Maverick... I'm not doing anything wrong.... I'm working hard to realize my master's dream of a new world. X: You're Maverick! I'll have to stop you!

Zero: Megalopolis' power out of control? How does this fit into Sigma's evil plan? Gigabolt Man-O-War: ......... .................. Zero: He's so far gone, he can't even respond. Gigabolt Man-O-War: My master needs energy to make his new world a reality. Zero: A new world?! Well, that plan's not getting any farther than this!

Axl: Has Sigma made you go Maverick? If I don't do something soon, there'll be a meltdown and we'll all be toast. Gigabolt Man-O-War: .......... .................... Axl: I can't believe you would claim loyalty to a dirtbag like Sigma. Gigabolt Man-O-War: I'm no Maverick. I'm in complete control of myself and my actions. Axl: Not realizing the evil you're doing just proves you're a Maverick!

Other media

Archie Comics

Gigabolt appears in the Worlds Unite crossover event, having been duplicated by the power of the Genesis Portals and Unity Engines to serve in Sigma-2's Maverick army. After joining a brief attack on the Sky Patrol, he joined Burn Dinorex in attacking the world of Panzer Dragoon. However, when they were attacked by Rotor the Walrus and Bubble Man, Gigabolt left Dinorex to face the two heroes alone. Despite Dinorex activating the Unity Engine, Gigabolt was attacked by Keil Fluge and his Blue Dragon, destroying the New Generation Reploid, along with his comrade.




  • Gigabolt Man-O-War's Japanese name Dokragen (ドクラーゲン Dokurāgen) is a portmanteau of doku ( "poison" or "venom"), Kurage (くらげ "jellyfish"), and Kraken (クラーケン kurāken).
  • "Man-O-War" refers to a Portuguese Man o' War, which is often confused for a jellyfish. In Japan, Portuguese Man o' War is also known as "denki kurage" (電気クラゲ denki kurage, "electric jellyfish") due to its venomous nature.


  • In the English version, he's called "Gigabolt" in his introduction and "Gigavolt" in conversations and in the ending credits. That could be possibly result from the confusion of "V" () and "B" within Japanese.
  • A normal slash from Zero can stun him, if Earthrock Trilobyte has already been defeated.
  • If the player enters the Dynasty stage again after defeating Gigabolt Man-O-War, he's replaced by a New Generation Reploid copying him.
  • Gigabolt Man-O-War is the second boss in the Mega Man X series fought in his own stage before the "real" boss battle; the first one is Jet Stingray, who is also fought while using a Ride Chaser.
  • Along with Avalanche Yeti and Gravity Antonion, Gigabolt Man-O-War has only one stage theme, while the rest of the Mega Man X8 Mavericks have two.
  • Gigabolt Man-O-War uses different dialects in English and Japanese. While his English voice made him sound like a simple minded fool, his Japanese voice came off much more eerily soft spoken and robotic.


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