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Gigantic Mechaniloid redirects here. For the Mega Man X3 boss, see Maoh the Giant

The Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0 (超巨大メカニロイドCF-0) is the boss of the opening stage from Mega Man X2, a giant Mechaniloid that has great power, but low speed due to its size and weight. The X-Hunters gave orders to mass-produce CF-0 and use them as an army to conquer cities around the world. The Maverick Hunters discovered that the abandoned factory the CF-0s were being manufactured in was being used by Mavericks and attacked the factory. Several inactive CF-0s can be seen in the factory, but only one was complete at the time, which fights against X.

CF-0 walks and jumps around the room, sometimes attacking X with punches. The only parts that cause damage to X are the head, arms and feet, being possible to pass through his body without receiving damage. CF-0 can only be damaged by attacking the head.

Other media

CF-0 has a short appearance in the first chapter of the Rockman X2 manga, where he attacks X with punches and kicks in a Maverick factory. He was defeated with two charged shots on his head, exploding afterwards.



  • The boss Carnage Force 0 from Mega Man Zero 4 is based on CF-0. Also, his data says he was built from ancient blueprints, suggesting they are from CF-0.
  • Some CF-0 leg parts can be seen in the background of the opening stage from Mega Man Xtreme 2 when playing as X.

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