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Gimialla Mine (ギミアラ採掘場) is a location from Giga City in Mega Man X: Command Mission located in the Aires Valley (エアーズバレー) to the west of Central Tower. The area is a pile of rocks brought to replenish the Energen ore, the power source of Reploids. But eventually the increased usage of Force Metal made the Energen ore obsolete, and the cavity inside was turned into a Force Metal laboratory. Since Epsilon's uprising the laboratory has come under the control of the Rebellion Army. After Zero refuses to join the Resistance, X receives a transmission from Colonel Redips, who tells the Resistance that he received intelligence regarding an facility that appears to be a secret Rebellion Army research laboratory. X and his allies go to the area to investigate and finds the traitor Shadow, who is now powered by Supra-Force Metal. Zero appears and helps them, being able to defeat Shadow. Shadow, still alive, tries to attack Zero when he was off guard, but Spider notices him and protects Zero, killing Shadow and getting hurt by his attack. In one of the mine's rooms, Incentas tells them that the Rebellion laboratory was misinformation to lure the Resistance to a trap, locking them in a room set to self-destruct.


There are 37 items.

Area Description Item Boxes
Level 1 Shaft Entrance
(レベル1 坑道入り口)
The entrance of the area. Has a teleport system, a Save Device, and an elevator for the basement floors. Ultra Fire
Ultra Blizzard
Ultra Thunder
Level 2 Main Tunnel
(レベル2 メイン坑道)
Area that connects to the basement 2 floor divisions. Has a Save Device. The elevator can only go to basement 3 by using the elevator control system, which has a rock in front of the door that can be broken after obtaining the Booster Parts. Anti-lock
1200 Ƶ
DOA Protection
Figure Token
Figure Token
L2 Southwest Division
(L2 南西区画)
A tunnel with rooms, one of them with Security Guards: 3 Rush Loaders that have a Booster Parts, which allows X to break rocks with a dash. Mini Motor
L2 Southeast Division
(L2 南東区画)
A tunnel with rooms. Ace of Spades
Figure Token
L2 Northwest Division
(L2 北西区画)
A tunnel with rooms. Has a broken Bat Bone that can be used in the Deployment Center. Figure Token
Figure Token
Figure Token
L2 Northeast Division
(L2 北東区画)
Has a broken Mega Mantor that can be repaired with a Mini Battery to be used in the Deployment Center. 800 FME
Tank Parts
Build LE
Level 3 Main Tunnel
(レベル3 メイン坑道)
X fights against Shadow in this area, and Zero joins the group again and finally permanently. The area has a Save Device, and the door to L3 Southwest Division is locked and only opens with the Gimialla Key. The Mining Foreman Reploid asks X to find the Electric Components needed to fix a device, which he believes to be with one of the Mining Mechaniloids (Degravers), and gives him a Red Pickaxe. After giving the pickaxe to the right owner, the foreman will make the elevator able to go to basement 4. If X give the right pickaxe to all four Degravers, the last one will give a Trade Sheet, and the foreman will give the Force Metal Infinite Resist as thanks. The Mining Mechaniloid D (blue Degraver with Green Pickaxe) is in this area. Tank Energy 100
Figure Token
Figure Token
L3 Southwest Division
(L3 南西区画)
Requires the Gimialla Key to be accessed. Has a broken Gold Blader for the Deployment Center that needs a Heavy Motor to work. This area only has Gold Mettaurs and Silver Mettaurs in the corridors, making this area an easy way to obtain Zenny. The enemy Mettaur Gigant appears in the rooms. Figure Token
Figure Token
Tank Parts
L3 Northwest Division
(L3 北西区画)
The Mining Mechaniloids A (red Degraver initially with Yellow Pickaxe) and B (yellow Degraver with Blue Pickaxe) are in this area. The red Degraver gives the Electronic Components when he gets the Red Pickaxe. There is a broken Degraver for the Deployment Center in the area. 1300 Ƶ
Figure Token
Ace of Hearts
L3 Northeast Division
(L3 北東区画)
The Mining Mechaniloid C (green Degraver with White Pickaxe) is in this area. Force Missiles
Level 4 Main Tunnel
(レベル4 メイン坑道)
The last floor. Has a Save Device. The door to the Bottom Floor Central Mining Division is locked, and to be opened X has to defeat three guardians. Build WE
Build Power
Build Armor
Build Shield
Build Speed
Gain Hyper
Tank Energy 100
Level 4 Durability Lab
(レベル4 耐久試験室)
The area is divided in two parts, one small room to the west of the main tunnel that only has three item boxes, and the area to the east that has the three guardians.
  • Lightning Soldier (Plasma Glob): 1 Fire Glob and 2 Plasma Glob
  • Fire Soldier (Fire Glob): 1 Liquid Glob and 2 Fire Glob
  • Water Soldier (Liquid Glob): 1 Plasma Glob and 2 Liquid Glob

Defeating the three unlocks the door in the main tunnel.

Fire Guard
Water Guard
Thunder Guard
Bottom Floor Central Mining Division Incentas traps X and the others in this room and fights against them. As they are too strong, Incentas sets the room to self-destruct in 5 minutes, and as he prepares to escape (being able to warp out of the room), Spider catches him and makes both of them explode in the door to open it, allowing X and Zero to escape.

Spider left the party permanently.




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