The Glide Armor (グライドアーマー) is found in Mega Man X7. It is different from the armors in Mega Man X5 and Mega Man X6 in that it can be collected one piece at a time, slowly getting stronger with every part, in contrast to X5 and X6 in which all parts of the armors must be collected to be functional. It is a fairly all-around armor, as it is the only armor in the game.


  • Head Part: Doubles the distance of absorbing health and weapon energy pellets.
  • Body Part: Halves the damage X takes, eliminates knockdown and allows X to use Giga Crash. This version, if used during boss fights, can damage the boss even when they are not on-screen or is in an invincible status.
  • Arm Parts: Enhances X's charge shot by adding three homing bullets after it. If the bullets don't hit the target along with the charged buster, they will home in on another nearby target. X can also charge special weapons.
  • Foot Parts: Allows X to use the Glide Dash. Activated by jumping in the air, X will fly while losing altitude slowly. If X attacks during this state, he will drop down. This is actually a variant of Axl's own Hover ability in the game. 


  • Head Part: In Snipe Anteator's stage. In the second half of the stage, look for the capsule on a disconnected orange hexagon. Gravity must be flipped several times to reach the Helmet Capsule.
  • Body Part: In Wind Crowrang's stage. In the mother ship, look for a path that splits into three paths. Take the left one to find the Body Capsule.
  • Arm Part: In Flame Hyenard's stage. In the first section of the stage, after the second snake enemy, drop down underneath the ledge. There will be a 1-Up and the Capsule.
  • Leg Part: In Soldier Stonekong's stage. Past the area with the spikes, look for two ape-head statues stacked on top of each other. Make sure they are not destroyed, climb on top of them, and jump-dash to the left to find the  Leg Capsule.                                                                                          


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