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This page is about the NetNavi Glyde.EXE. To see information on his character counterpart from Mega Man Legends, see Glyde.

Glyde.EXE (グライド Guraido), known as Glide.EXE in most English media except for his first appearance and Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works, is the personal NetNavi of Yai Ayanokoji in the Mega Man Battle Network series.



Glyde is not considered a combat Navi and thus relies on the rare Battle Chips Yai has to provide to perform devastatingly powerful attacks. Glyde instead has a level seven security license allowing him to access networks that other Navis would not be able to. His demeanor towards Yai is akin to that of a butler. While he may come off as a bit "snooty" (taking after his operator), he is still good friends with MegaMan, Roll, and GutsMan, just as his operator Yai is good friends with their operators Lan Hikari, Mayl Sakurai, and Dex Oyama.

Despite appearing in most of the games, he is never fought, nor does he even have actual battle sprites and Battle Chips (only using a single attack, Glide Flash, on a single HeelNavi before MegaMan faces Falzar/Gregar in Mega Man Battle Network 6), though he is shown fighting in the anime.

MegaMan NT Warrior

Like in the games, he acts as a butler to Yai, and rarely battles; though, he is forced to fight NumberMan near the beginning of the series. He isn't a particularly strong Navi but has many rare and powerful Battle Chips to assist him. Glyde also has a Glyde Cannon to use as a default Weapon.


Glyde's Emblem

During his and Yai's debut, he is shown to be a gentleman to Roll but ignores the male NetNavis. He is used by Yai to use the mansion's security to mess with Lan and Dex.

During the traffic light incident, Yai needs to go to the bathroom and sends Glyde into the traffic light Net to investigate. He deletes several Mettaurs with his Glyde Cannon, but is soon attacked by WackoMan. MegaMan jacks in to help, but they are both overwhelmed by WackoMan. However, MegaMan is able to help Glyde defeat WackoMan.



  • Glyde is the only NetNavi in the Mega Man Battle Network series named after a character from the Mega Man Legends series.
    • Also, along with Punk, Bass, Zero and Serenade, he is one of the few male NetNavis without the name ending in "man". Although the later is a seemingly androgynous navi.
    • Real-world operator Baryl, while not a NetNavi, is also named after a character from the Legends series.
  • Interestingly, in Mega Man Battle Network 3, after Glyde is defeated by NetBattler Q in the N1 Grand Prix, he does not appear again throughout the rest of the game. His next "appearance" is in the credits.
  • Glyde speaks with a British accent in the English anime.