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The Glyde Drache (グライドドラッヘ) is basically Glyde's version of the Bonne's Drache. They are used by Birdbots in the attack to Nino Island and to protect Glyde's Base in Calbania Island. They attack by either shooting in Mega Man's direction, or by dropping bombs from a hatch on their underside.

Glyde Drache Ace

Glyde Drache Ace (グライドドラッヘエース) is a blue, powered version of the Glyde Drache used by the three Birdbot commanders. It attacks with shoots and diving on Mega Man to hit him. This is the last Birdbot vehicle Mega Man has to fight during the attack on Nino Island, except for the King Glydon, and appears again in Glyde Base during Mega Man's escape.


Artwork of the Glyde Drache Ace


Glyde Drache Ace as it appears in the game.

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