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The Golden Axe world in Worlds Unite

Golden Axe (ゴールデンアックス) is a video game series developed by Sega, the first game being released for Arcade in 1989. The games mainly feature heroes fighting against evil forces that attempt to obtain the power of the Golden Axe to conquer the world and cause destruction.

In the first Golden Axe game, the giant Death Adder obtained the Golden Axe and captured the king and princess of the Southwood Kingdom, and proceeds to conquer Yuria. Three warriors that lost friends and family during Death Adder's attacks join forces to defeat the evil giant. The characters from this game appear in the Archie Comics crossover Worlds Unite.

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Archie Comics

When Sigma sends several Mavericks to different worlds, Gareth and Berkana attempt to set an Unity Engine in the Yurian Forest, but met local resistance. When Shadow Man and Antoine D'Coolette arrive to help, they see Gilius Thunderhead destroying Gareth's lion. Shortly after, Ax Battler finishes Gareth. Berkana mocks Tyris Flare and tries to limit her with magic, but Tyris finishes the witch Reploid with her Fire Ghost magic. After dealing with the Mavericks, the three warriors talk with Shadow Man and Antoine and learn about the current events.


Characters that appeared in Worlds Unite.

  • Gilius Thunderhead - A dwarf that had his brother killed by Death Adder. He fights with an axe and is able to use thunder magic.
  • Ax Battler - A barbarian that had his mother killed by Death Adder. He fights with a long sword and earth magic.
  • Tyris Flare - An amazon that had her parents killed by Death Adder. She uses a short sword and fire magic.
  • Death Adder - The series antagonist. He is absent in Worlds Unite, but is mentioned once and appears in one of the variant covers.

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