The Good Guild is a law enforcement and rescue force from Mega Man: Fully Charged in charge of protecting Silicon City from all kinds of hazards, man-made and robot-made. Unfortunately, they aren't that well-trained in combat against powerful robots such as the ones led by Sgt. Night, and usually have to rely on Mega Man to help them.

A running gag in the show is that Good Guild members are often seen giving thumbs up to people.


The good guild have multiple divisions to diferents types of hazards these deivision have significan modifications for develop his work in a proper form. Each division have a variation and all of them have the symbol in their chest and shoulders 

Police:the standard type of good guild(apparently the other models are modifications of this one) in charge of arrest criminal and maintain the street orders.

  • Apearence: they have a bulky body with a silver color scheme
  • Equipament: they carry small blasters and heatcliff.
  • Symbol/emblem is the most simple of hall divisions being a handshake bettween a golden and silver hand, with a hexagonal frame


  • Apearence: Identical of the police model,but with a golden color scheme they wear a firefigther helmet and a gas/liquid tank in the back
  • Equipament: they have a buster can shot water, the suply of this buster is in the tank on the back, and can be filled with conbustible liquids make them able to shoot fire balls(whis is seen in "A Guilded Cage" when Namagen take control of ther)
  •  Symbol/emblem identical to the police but with two haxes around the hexagonal frame

Hazard control: In charge of secure dangerous, like acids

  • Apearence: have a yellow blak details and wear a helmet  to make them look like a hazard suit, they have a pair of black tanks in the back
  • Equipament:
    • Sealed helmelt: this one is to protect their system from dangerous sustances(like the potent polen that affect Aki in "Flower Power")
    • Cotainment Capsule: sealed containers can store and isolate dangerus objects or sustance(like the Flower polen that affect Aki in "Flower Power")
  •  Symbol/emblem: the biohazar simbol with the police/main Emblem remplacing the center circle of the simbol


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