Gori-Three (ゴリスリー Gorisurī) is a gorilla-like robot that appears mainly in jungle areas. They appear in Search Man's stage and in the third Wily Tower stage in Mega Man 8, and in Burner Man's stage and in King's two stages in Mega Man & Bass. It's interesting to note that Gori-Three is the only non-boss enemy in the game with vocal samples. They have two samples: one in which they prepare to throw the object in their hands and the other when Mega Man walks past/ignores them.

In Mega Man 8, Gori-Three appears in three colors, each of them throwing a different object. In Mega Man & Bass, all Gori-Threes are blue. Similar to Mega Man 8, Gorigro throws bombs instead of rocks, Gorigree throws spiked balls, and Goriblue throws blue rubber balls that bounce through the room.

In the cancelled game Rockman Online, the Kronos Forest stage contains blue, green, and black gorilla-like robots that throw bombs and rocks.


"Goriblue" (ゴリブルー Goriburū) is a blue Gori-Three that throws bombs.


"Gorigree" (ゴリグリー Gorigurī) is a green Gori-Three that throws spike balls.


"Gorigro" (ゴリグロー Gorigurō) is a black Gori-Three that throws boulders, which can be used as platforms.

Giant Gori-Three

Giant Gori-Three (ジャイアントゴリスリー) is a giant Gori-Three powered by Evil Energy that only appears in the anime cutscene after the battle against Duo. It managed to catch Mega Man when he was approaching Wily Tower, knocked out Rush with a single punch, and began to electrify Mega Man to finish him off. However, Duo appeared and saved Mega Man, defeating the Giant Gori-Three without much effort. Duo then removed and destroyed its Evil Energy and the remains of its body fell into the lava in the area.



  • The collective name of the robots, "Gori-Three" is a portmanteau (or blend) of the words "gorilla" and "three." This fits the design, being that there are three different versions of the robot in each game they appear, not counting the Giant Gori-Three.
  • Each of the original Gori-Three units seems to be named after their body color, though only Gorigro uses a Japanese soundalike (guro (グロー) rather than kuro (クロー) to describe its color of black.