"This is another arm-mounted weapon... It allows you to shoot out even stronger grenade bombs! They're really powerful--you might even be able to use it to blow up walls inside the ruins!"
—Roll Caskett

The Grand Grenade (グランドグレネード Gurando Gurenēdo) is a Special Weapon from Mega Man Volnutt in the Mega Man Legends series that appears in Mega Man Legends. It is made from the item Bomb Schematic. This special weapon is like the Grenade Arm but with more powerful grenade explosions. Unlike the Grenade Arm, the bombs thrown do not bounce, but can crack certain walls as well as one ceiling section in the Clozer Woods ruins. Individually, the grenade is a strong projectile in the game. However, the Grand Grenade is inaccurate and for most part applicable only to slow-moving or stationary enemies at close range. It also has a low amount of ammo.

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