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The Grand Nuage (グラン・ニュアージュ Guran Nyuāju),[1] commonly called Guardian Base (ガーディアン・ベース Gādian Bēsu), is the headquarters of the Guardians in the Mega Man ZX series, an airship.


Mega Man ZX

The Guardian Base is Area X, which can only be reached with a Transerver after complenting the first three missions given by Prairie in order to be qualified as a Guardian. After the defeat of four Pseudoroids. Slither Inc. launched an attack towards Grand Nuage, led by Prometheus and Pandora. The player was then tasked to defend Grand Nuage against Slither troops. Though the player manages to fend off Slither's Galleon's, Prometheus and Pandora managed to break through. The player then confront the two in the engine room, where Pandora retreats and leaving the player and Prometheus fight each other. Defeating Prometheus will cause him to escape.

Most O Disks are located in Area X, and the player can obtain a E Tank with Cédre and a W Tank by hitting the doll in Prairie's room several times. Aile can also change the color scheme of her clothing by speaking to one of the Guardian members. The soundtrack for this area is called Sky High - Grand Nuage.


Image Enemy




Deluxe Galleon Wing


Galleon Hunter

Mega Man ZX Advent


Vent, and the Grand Nuage in Mega Man ZX Advent

The Guardian Base has a short appearance, where it is used to reach Ouroboros, something that Albert claims that he never thought that the player would do.

Other media

The Guardian Base appeared in the Mega Man ZX manga.


  • Grand Nuage means "Great Cloud" in French.
  • The Guardian Base is possibly powered by the Ciel System, as when the player go to the engine room, its power source is similar to what Ciel is holding (in her artwork).
  • Prairie's room on the Grand Nuage is full of plush, Cyber-Elf dolls, which is a large cameo to the Mega Man Zero series. One of these dolls, the witch-type Cyber-Elf Totten from the first Zero game, can be cut down from the ceiling and repeatedly attacked. Doing so will eventually merit the dropping of a Weapon Tank.
    • Additionally, plush dolls of the Pseudoroids will begin to decorate the room if the player manages to defeat the corresponding bosses without inflicting damage to their weak spots where the Biometal fragments are stored.


  1. ガーディアン・ベースの曲です。 (...) グラン・ニュアージュは飛行艇の名前。
    "Guardian Base's music. (...) Grand Nuage is the flying ship's name" - ZX Tunes booklet

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