Gospel is the forty-ninth Japanese episode of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime and was adapted into the English dub's thirty-ninth episode, Grave.


No one knows what to make of the mysterious new NetNavi Bass, but everyone is intruiged when it seems that he alone can resist the CyberBeast that's slowly destroying the entire Cyber Network! What will he do with that kind of power? What does he want? And whose side is he on: MegaMan's? Grave's? Taking no chances, Kid Grave sends FreezeMan to delete Bass. Then Bass makes off with an unconscious MegaMan, launching Lan and his friends on a desperate search to find him. And worst of all: Mr. Wily has returned. [1]




Bass is missing his purple face markings.

  • After Bass finishes scanning MegaMan's memories, a shot of him looking at MegaMan is shown where Bass is lacking his purple face markings.


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