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Grave ruins base

Screenshot from inside the base.

The Grave Ruins Base is the headquarters and stronghold of the Rebellion Army. It is situated on a glacier, originally the harshest of all places on Giga City meant to test the limits of Reploids. The entire base is a maze filled of narrow hallways, filled with energy-beamed security systems that will force players to activate them when entering said hallways in order to proceed and escape. At the peak is the Hall of Glory, where the Maverick Hunters have a final confrontation with Scarface and Epsilon.


There are 35 items.

Area Description Item Boxes
Grave Base Main Gate There a Save Device in this area. Area with the main gate security. There's 1 red pillar. If X get near it set off an alarm and have to fight a battle with some Preons. The beams deactivate the doors, but the beam is on a timer, take too long and it'll reset and the doors will lock again. None
Level E Security Zone Area with 4 beams this time. Two of them unlock the door to the Level D Security Zone, and the others two unlocks the doors with item boxes. Figure Token
5000 Ƶ
Level D Security Zone Hallway with 3 beams this time. There is a broken Bladey for Deployment Center. The panel deactivate the main gate security in Grave Base Main Gate. Beam Miracle S
Level C Security Zone Large area with four rooms in each corner and 3 beams, where the beams that regenerates pretty fast. Tank Energy 100
Figure Token
3000 FME
Unlock Limiter
Gain Hyper
Level B Security Zone U shaped hallway with two rooms on either side and 2 beams between them, where also the beams that regenerates pretty fast. Cure All
Level A Security Zone Is divided in two areas. There a Save Device in the first area. None
Battle Field Circular area. Build LE
Build WE
Build Power
Build Armor
Build Shield
Build Speed
Build Hyper
Revolver Shaft Area Is divided in three areas; the 2 corridors and the panels room. When in panels room, two columns will rise out of the floor. The left column will rotate the entire room clockwise 3 spaces (+3). The right will move the room counter-clockwise 2 spaces (-2). You need to enter the room you stop at to reset the pillars, and each room contains either an enemy or item. The entrance is the room number 1, and the exit is the room number 3. First corridor:
Tank Energy 25
Tank Energy 50
Second corridor:
Tank Energy 50
Revolver Room No. 01 Entrance room None
Revolver Room No. 02 Event battle: 1 Preon S Epsilon and 2 Preon S Ferham. May run away of battle. None
Revolver Room No. 03 Exit room None
Revolver Room No. 04 Small room Z Saber+++
Revolver Room No. 05 Event battle: 1 Preon S Epsilon and 2 Preon S Botos. May run away of battle. None
Revolver Room No. 06 Small room Vitality Missiles
Revolver Room No. 07 Small room Tank Parts
Revolver Room No. 08 Event battle: 1 Preon S Epsilon and 2 Preon S Face. May run away of battle. None
Level S Top Security Zone Expansive area. There a Save Device in this area. Forced battle: 3 Preon S Epsilon. The 2 panels on the sides deactivate the door to Final Gate. Figure Token (x4)
Super Absorber
Figure Token (x4)
Final Gate Is divided in two areas. The first is the entrance to Hall of Glory where are item boxes, and the second is after Hall of Glory room. Tank Energy 100
Tank Energy 100
Gain Hyper
Hall of Glory The party face Scarface again and Epsilon in this area.

X don't forget to steal the Build Hyper from Eject Epsilon, since only there are twelve Build Hypers in whole game.


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