Gravity Beetle, known as Gravity Beetbood (グラビティ・ビートブード) in Japan, is a Maverick fought in Mega Man X3. He is based on a Japanese Rhinoceros beetle. He was a Maverick Hunter from the 17th unit, but after the death of his brother, Boomer Kuwanger, he wanted to avenge him and joined Dr. Doppler's forces in Mega Man X3 to fight against X.


Mega Man X3

Gravity Beetle leaps about his chamber at the end of the aerial carrier and releases spheres of energy (Gravity Wells). Ray Splasher is his weakness, so shoot and evade. If he gets too close, climb the walls and either dash-jump or air dash past him. During the battle, Gravity Beetle will throw Gravity Wells at you after leaping. Sometimes, Gravity Beetle will charge at you after leaping. Climb the wall and dash-jump/air dash if he does so. If X did not obtain the armor parts or doesn't dodge properly, X will take a massive amount of damage. When his health is low, Gravity Beetle will throw a Giant Gravity Well on the top of the ceiling. You must avoid this attack. If not, X will take heavy damage. Gravity Beetle repeats the attack pattern.


Mega Man X3 stats:

  • Power: 6200rp
  • Speed: 3600rp

Stage name:

Stage enemies

Enemies in Gravity Beetle's stage:

Other media

Rockman X

In the Rockman X3 manga, Gravity Beetle wanted to avenge his brother Boomer Kuwanger and Dr. Doppler convinces him to work for him. Gravity Beetle revived Boomer Kuwanger and they attack a city with the Combat Aircraft Carrier Big Beetle (戦闘空母ビッグ・ビートル Sentou Kuubo Biggu Bītoru), a giant beetle-like transport. He captures X and Zero, and attempts to transfer Boomer Kuwanger's program into Zero's body. X fights against the brothers to save Zero, and used one of the Gravity Holes fired by Gravity Beetle to destroy Boomer Kuwanger. The Gravity Hole goes out of the Big Beetle and transforms into a giant black hole with an image of Boomer Kuwanger's head inside. X destroyed the black hole by connecting cables of the Big Beetle into his buster to fire a powerful charged shot. In the end, X and Zero forgave Gravity Beetle.

Rockman X Mega Mission

In Rockman X Mega Mission 2, Gravity Beetle was revived as Gravity Beetbood L, becoming stronger with a changed appearance, this time resembling a Hercules beetle. He was defeated by X with Ray Splasher.

Archie Comics

Gravity Beetle would be featured as one of dozens of Mavericks revived by Sigma during the events of Worlds Unite.



  • It is possible that Gravity Beetle joined Doppler's forces under his own accord, not because of the Maverick Virus.
  • Gravity Beetle, along with Blizzard Buffalo, Crush Crawfish, and Toxic Seahorse, are the only Mavericks from Mega Man X3 that never appear in the Mega Man Xtreme sub-series.
  • Gravity Beetle is one of the six Mavericks of the X3 chapters of the Rockman X manga to survive and reform. He is the only one of the six to not return to help in the battle against Doppler in the final chapters however.

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