Gravity Hold (グラビティーホールド Gurabitī Hōrudo) is Gravity Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 5. When used by Mega Man, he increases the gravity of all enemies on the screen to 20G, damaging them, then reverses the gravity, sending enemies that were defeated flying upward.[1] The amount of times Gravity Hold can be used to fling an enemy in the air is equal to the amount of health points it has; for this reason, Gravity Hold can be useful for clearing weak enemies on the screen if there are many at once. Gravity Hold uses four weapon energy units, and can still be used if less than this amount is available. Mega Man can use Gravity Hold seven times with a full weapon energy gauge.

Gravity Hold is Gyro Man's weakness, inflicting four units of damage (the Navi Mode of Rockman Complete Works and Mega Man: Anniversary Collection state it knocks him off balance). Besides Gyro Man, this weapon also works on Crystal Man, Stone Man and Circring Q9, but they take only one unit of damage from it.

Damage data chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man 5.

Gravityholdicon.png Gravity Hold
Boss Damage
Gravity Man 0
Wave Man 0
Stone Man 1
Gyro Man 4
Star Man 0
Charge Man 0
Napalm Man 0
Crystal Man 1
Dark Man 1 0
Dark Man 2 0
Dark Man 3 0
Dark Man 4 0
Big Pets 0
Circring Q9 1
Wily Press 0
Wily Machine 5 0
Wily Capsule 0

Other media

Gravity Hold appeared in the Rockman 5 manga.



  • Mega Man's color palette for Gravity Hold in the official art is red, but in the game he appears purple. This was probably done so that the player can distinguish Gravity Hold from Mega Man's Rush abilities.
  • When used in Gravity Man's (when gravity is reversed) and Star Man's stages, enemies still fly upward.
  • In an early Japanese preview of Mega Man 5, Gravity Hold made everything on screen that didn't move pitch black and froze enemies. Similar to Flash Stopper, Mega Man could use the Mega Buster to attack frozen enemies.[2]