Not to be confused with the Navi Customizer item SpinGreen.
"A weapon that uses the power of wood. It shoots gigantic missiles."
―In-game text, Mega Man X8

Green Spinner (グリーンスピナー Gurīn Supinā) is a Special Weapon in Mega Man X8. It is obtained by X (and Alia) after defeating Bamboo Pandamonium.

When equipped, X/Alia shoots a greenish bamboo-rocket which goes through enemies, breaking their defense, and explode with large damage when it contacts with terrain. The rocket grows bigger as it travels over a few seconds. The blast radius gets bigger depending on how much the rocket traveled.

Only one rocket can be on the screen at a time. When fully charged, X sends one rocket upward that then sends four missiles downward that explode on the ground. This weapon is Optic Sunflower's weakness.


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