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Grenade Man (グレネードマン Gurenēdoman) is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily visually designed after a hand grenade (specifically an Mk 2 grenade, or a pineapple bomb), having a similarly textured stomach area, and a headpiece reminiscent of a striker lever. He is sadomasochistic, enjoying both inflicting and receiving pain, particularly through getting himself caught in the explosions he creates. He fights primarily using his Flash Bombs and other such high-explosive weaponry. A special Overdrive system is installed in him, allowing him to move very quickly and to temporarily boost his power.

During the events of Mega Man 8, he was stationed at an ammunition factory somewhere in Argentina, causing havoc with his soldiers and explosive weaponry.




  • グレネードマンでよ!(Gurenēdoman de yo!) "I'm Grenade Man!"


  • "Crush everyone! Ha ha ha..."
  • "I'll be nice on you!"
  • "I'll punish you!"
  • "Yeah, ha ha ha. Say hello to my cute bombs!"

Attack Shouts:

  • フラッシュボム!"Flash Bomb!"
  • "Crush!" (when Mega Man is hit by Flash Bomb or when Grenade Man dashes)
  • "Ya ha ha ha ha!" (If his Flash Bombs hit a wall, causing girders to fall from the ceiling)
  • Overdrive: クレイジーデストロイヤー!"Crazy Destroyer!"


  • "Hee hee!"
  • "Oh yeah!"(Hit by Flash Bomb or Thunder Claw)


  • "That felt good!"

Mega Man & Bass CD data


Stage enemies

Enemies in Grenade Man's stage.

Other media

Rockman 8

Grenade Man goes out to destroy Valentine's Day due to Wily disliking the holiday, destroying chocolates in the street. When Roll sees what he is doing, she points out that his plan is stupid due to chocolate factories being able to make more, and he proceeds to destroy the factories instead. Feeling bad for accidentally helping him, Roll searchs the closest chocolate factory and finds Grenade Man causing havoc inside. Roll tries to convince him to stop, but as he doesn't hear her and she refuses to give him the chocolate she bought earlier, he decides to destroy Roll alongside it. Mega Man appears in time to save her and defeats Grenade Man.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Grenade Man has a cameo appearance in Worlds Collide as part of a large army of Robot Masters.

Other appearances

Grenade Man appears in the Rockman 8 manga and has a brief appearance in the end of Mega Man Gigamix.



  • Grenade Man's line, "Say hello to my cute bombs!", is similar to "Say hello to my little friend!", a line used in the movie, Scarface.
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