Grey Devil (グレーデビル Gurē Debiru) is the first boss from Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha. It attacks by throwing three balls of slime and sliding to the other side of the screen.



The Grey Devil can be a nightmare for Forte if you attempt to be strategic, as his buster shots do not add up to how quickly the devil moves his eye in-and-out of his body and how briefly he stays in one spot. Rather than utilizing the boss room to dodge and move, the best strategy for Forte is to chase the devil across the room as he slides across it, standing close enough to him to not be hit by him or his slime balls, and fire at him constantly to do as much damage to him as you can before he moves. Once he moves his eye in-and-out twice, he will move, so simply double jump over him once he turns into a glob and slides across the room, follow him, fire, rinse, and repeat. Like other bosses before Forte gains special weapons, the Grey Devil is a war of attrition. Keep your HP high and don’t get hit as you pummel him with buster shots.


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