Ground Fire (グランドファイア Gurando Faia) is Mega Man X's weapon from defeating Burn Dinorex in Mega Man X5. In normal fire, X shoots a swirling fireball on the ground that shoots three embers in random directions. The embers cannot go through walls and can only be shot out in the direction in which it has not placed itself on (i.e., if the Ground Fire sticks to a ceiling and a wall, the embers will not be fired to in the direction of the ceiling and the wall). Up to two Ground Fires can be on the screen at a time. When charged up, X shoots out two fiery blasts on both sides of him. Unlike previous fire-based weapons such as Fire Wave and Speed Burner, Ground Fire can even be used underwater, such as Tidal Whale's stage.

This weapon is the primary weakness for Spike Rosered and Rangda Bangda W's blue eye part.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X5.

X5-Icon-X-GroundFire.png Ground Fire
Boss Damage
Normal Charged
Magma Dragoon -- --
Sigma Head -- --
Crescent Grizzly 2 3
Tidal Whale 2 3
Volt Kraken 2 3
Shining Firefly 2 3
Dark Necrobat 2 3
Spiral Pegasus 2 3
Burn Dinorex 0 0
Spike Rosered 5 8
U-555 (Head) 0 0
U-555 (Tail) 0 0
U-555 (Top) 0 0
Prism Guardian 6 15
Pteranoid 0 0
Dynamo 0 0
Shadow Devil 0 0
Rangda Bangda W (Green Eye) 0 0
Rangda Bangda W (Red Eye) 0 0
Rangda Bangda W (Blue Eye) 5 8
Rangda Bangda W (Sun) 0 0
Zero (Normal) 0 0
Zero (Awakened) 0 0
Sigma: 1st Phase 0 0
Sigma: 2nd Phase 0 0



  • Interestingly, the charged version of Ground Fire is similar to the charged version of Double Cyclone.
  • Ground Fire may be the exact opposite of the Rising Fire.

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