"Well, well, well... What have we here... Why, it's Officer X. This is horrible! Why do I have to face someone like you here?!"
―Ground Scaravich, Mega Man X6

Ground Scaravich (グランド・スカラビッチ Gurando Sukarabicchi) is a Reploid modeled after a dung beetle who serves as one of Gate's eight Nightmare Investigators in Mega Man X6.


Ground Scaravich's appearance is based off that of a scarab. He has a short stature and short limbs, and a beetle shell on his back. He has a long, pointy moustache and his head has two pincer-like horns on top. He has a rhombus-shaped gem in his forehead, a trait he shares with the rest of his fellow Nightmare Investigators.

Scaravich is somewhat cowardly, bemoaning having to fight powerful Reploids such as X and Zero. However, he also has what it takes to overcome this so that he may analyze X's data. He claimed to have wanted to study Zero in the past, but had since moved on. He has a notably elderly-sounding voice.


Ground Scaravich was once a treasure hunter who was wanted by the Maverick Hunters for damaging historic ruins in his search for valuable data. In his work he discovered a lot of data on ancient robots and Gate took care of him in exchange for this information. Gate later sent Scaravich to a forbidden area (where X and Zero were discovered) and Alia, upon witnessing him enter the facility, ultimately intercepted and disposed of him as punishment for his misconduct. She felt bad for doing this, but Gate appeared to not have cared about what happened to him.[1]

Ground Scaravich was later resurrected by Gate in Mega Man X6 as part of his Nightmare investigation team. He was sent to the abandoned Central Museum near Queensland, Australia to examine the Nightmare, where he was confronted by the Maverick Hunters in the main hall. He was frightened at first, but decided to fight them anyway to obtain their DNA data and was destroyed.


Scaravich is most vulnerable to Yammar Option. As Zero, the player can also use the Z-Buster to destroy his rocks, although it just causes him to run off-screen to get another one.


  • Stone Roll - Ground Scaravich will push a giant gray rock of varying size, having four sizes.
    • In Xtreme mode, Ground Scaravich will also roll purple rocks of varying size and small brown rocks. The purple rocks can only be destroyed by the charged saber from the Blade Armor. The brown rocks can't be destroyed, and when one is struck, a larger rock will fall from above.
  • Shot Attack - Ground Scaravich will stop, then fire 1-3 small shots from his arm while using the stone as a shield.
    • When playing against him at Boss Level 4 on Xtreme mode, the shots will be fired directly at his opponent's location instead of straight ahead as they are when he is at Boss Level 1, meaning they can reach his opponent even if he is clinging on the ropes.
  • Stone Kick - He starts using this after losing half of his life energy. Ground Scaravich will stop, and kick his rock at the player. He can kick them one of two ways. The rock will either fly through the air at the player, or bounce along the ground towards them.
    • When playing against him at Boss Level 4 on Xtreme mode, after he kicks the first rock, he will proceed to kick three more rocks at his opponent after they fall from above.


Main article: Central Museum


Line Translation Usage
Yoisho, yoisho. Heave-ho, heave-ho. When rolling a small rock around
Wasse, wasse. Heave-ho, heave-ho. When rolling a medium-size rock around
Yooooooisho! Heeeeeeave-ho! When rolling the third largest rock around
Uaaaaann! Arrrrrgh! When rolling the largest rock around
*Orya! Try this! When using his shot attack
*Doryaaaaaa! Take that! When launching a rock towards the player with a double kick
Doushita doushita!? Aww, what's the matter!? When launching a rock towards the player with a double kick
Itatatatatata! Ooooouch! When hit with Yammar Option
Muneeennn! Such a shame! When he is defeated.
  • "Dorya" and "Orya" can both be qualified as kiai or kakegoe. In this case, these are shouts that a Japanese combatant yells when he is in the process of performing an attack. As such, they can essentially be translated as "Take that!" or "Try this!", as the combatant is signaling to his opponent that he will attack. It is common for "Dorya!" to be translated as "Take that!" in anime shows, including Vinland Saga.

When Playing as X

X: Ground Scaravich! You must be the burglar of ruins! What are you doing here?

Ground Scaravich: Well, well, well... What have we here... Why, it's Officer X. This is horrible! Why do I have to face someone like you here?!

X: Be a smart Reploid and give me the Information on the Nightmares.

Ground Scaravich: I'd rather just see what DNA data you have!

When Playing as Zero

Zero: Ground Scaravich! Why do you need to steal from another ruin? Hmm... You seem to be very close to the Nightmares...

Ground Scaravich: I am cursed, I know it! You are Zero. I heard you were dead. I really wanted to obtain your DNA data, but I no longer need it.

Zero: What do you mean?

Ground Scaravich: You can fight me to find out!

Other appearances

Other media

Archie Comics

Ground Scaravich is one of the many Mavericks featured in the Worlds Unite crossover event. He joins the other Mavericks in attacking Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, and X's other allies before departing to invade other worlds.




  • Coincidentally, three of the four beetle-themed Mavericks in the Mega Man X series - Boomer Kuwanger (stag beetle), Gravity Beetle (rhinoceros beetle) and Ground Scaravich himself (dung beetle) - are in fact scarabs. This leaves only Shining Firefly (firefly) as a non-scarab beetle, and is the only instance where so many of a certain Maverick theme (beetles, fish, cats, etc.) have all been of such a specific grouping.
  • In their character artwork, Shining Firefly and Ground Scaravich are both depicted holding the ends of their mustache-like structures on their mouths.
  • Unlike the other Nightmare Investigators in Mega Man X6, it's not clear that Gate created Ground Scaravich, even though Gate resurrected him, due to it being unclear whether Scaravich had legal work he was built to do in addition to his illegal work and due to Scaravich seemingly requesting protection in exchange for giving Gate data. The information in-game does not completely preclude the possibility that Scaravich was created by Gate to do illegal work, though. What is known is Ground Scaravich is one of two Investigators explicitly said to have had before his death a working relationship with Gate, the other being Metal Shark Player, although Gate is implied to have had one with Infinity Mijinion as well.


  1. "Ground Scaravich. An ex-treasure hunter. He was devoted to the research on an ancient site. He also had lots of research data on ancient robots. Gate took care of Scaravich in exchange for the ancient data. Gate improved his knowledge from him. Then Gate had him go to a forbidden area. It was the place you were both discovered. I saw Scaravich enter the place... I felt bad, but I disposed him. Gate didn't seem to care... I didn't want to remember this..." - Alia, Mega Man X6

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