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For the Mega Man X7 enemy, see Guardian (Mega Man X7). For other uses, see Guardian.

Guardian (ガーディアン) is a defense Mechaniloid that appears as an enemy in Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X6. Guardian is equipped with a shield in front of it, which it raises at times to shoot small energy spheres. It appears in Split Mushroom's stage and Storm Owl's stage in Mega Man X4. There are no apparent Special Weapon weaknesses in Mega Man X4, but in Mega Man X6 they are weak against Ray Arrow (for X) as well as Sentsuizan and Shoenzan (for Zero).

Death Guardian

Death Guardian (デスガーディアン) is a modified Guardian with a larger, spiked shield that appears in Split Mushroom's stage and the Final Weapon stage in Mega Man X4, and Shield Sheldon's stage in Mega Man X6. Weaknesses for these enemies in Mega Man X6 are the same as the normal Guardians.

Death Press D

Death Press D (デスプレスD) is a slightly modified Guardian that appears in Volt Kraken's and Shining Firefly's stages in Mega Man X5. Not much changed compared to the original through.

Other media

Guardian appeared in the Rockman X4 manga.


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