Gulpfer (ガルプファー Garupufā), called Blowfish in Mega Man X: Command Mission, are bizarre fish enemies in the underwater sections of Mega Man X/Maverick Hunter X and Mega Man Xtreme 2. They create vortices to pull X in, and actually swallow him. He'll stay trapped in until he shoots his way out. Alternatively, the captured Reploid can also simply jump several times to break free.

The Garakuta Robot from Mega Man X2 uses parts of Gulpfers.


Gulpfer R

Gulpfer R is a Gulpfer from Tidal Whale's stage in Mega Man X5.


Blowfish, known as Gulpfer in Japan, is a Water-based flying enemy fought in the Tianna Camp area of Mega Man X: Command Mission. They are weak against Thunder-based weapons and sub-weapons. Run away when alone.


Tripuffer is a miniature version of the Blowfish that appears in the Tianna Camp stage. They hover together in three's and are capable of lowering a player's shield, but aren't very dangerous. Tripuffer has gone berserk without Blowfish in battle.


Gulpfast (ガルプファス) is a fire-type Blowfish from Mega Man X: Command Mission that appears at the Ulfat Factory.

Super Tripuffer

Super Tripuffer is a miniature version of the Gulpfast that appear in the Ulfat Factory area. They also hover in groups of three and commonly use Mega Fire on the player as well as themselves (this charges their Flame energy).

Other media

Gulpfers appeared in the Rockman X manga.


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