Guts Soul

MegaMan.EXE performs Double Soul with GutsMan.EXE by sacrificing a panel-cracking Battle Chip.


  • All non-elemental chips gain an ATK+30 bonus. This is best used when combined with the multi-hitting Vulcan chips.
  • The Buster can shoot a Guts Machine Gun if the B-button is pressed fast enough. MegaMan is invincible while he is using the GutsMachine Gun. It is 6 shots of 5 damage.
  • Charge Shot: GutsPunch (hits the panel directly in front of MegaMan for 60 damage, while pushing the affected enemy or obstacle backwards)
  • Weakness: The GutsPunch has a poor range, although the GutsMachineGun compensates for this. In the anime GutSoul is easily beaten by the Vulcan battlechip.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • ColdMan.EXE - Assuming you are able to reach his Ice Cubes, you can knock the Ice Cubes back at him for 150 damage per cube. Wind Soul, however, is better for doing this trick.
    • Duo.EXE - Use Guts Machine Gun while Duo is standing still and vulnerable. If timed correctly, the temporary invincibility during Guts Machine Gun's duration will render the player immune to whatever attack Duo is executing (like Giant Hook).

Competitive Play

  • While Guts Soul may prove useful early on in the game, in PvP many players ignore the use of the Guts Soul due to its lack of charge shot range and the difficulty of using the Guts Machine Gun on a Game Boy Advance system.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

GutsMan challenges MegaMan to a friendly battle inside a silo when BurnerMan.EXE attacks them. They are put in a tight position but GutsMan gives him GutsSoul which helps MegaMan win the battle.

MegaMan NT Warrior Manga

GutsMan, BubbleMan, and AquaMan are attacked by MegaMan DS. Sensing GutsMan's anger and hatred, he used his power to make him a Dark Navi. GutsMan then attacks MegaMan who just arrived and nearly delete AquaMan if MegaMan didn't stop. GutsMan begs MegaMan to delete him, but MegaMan couldn't bring himself to kill his friend. With the last of his power, GutsMan injures himself so he can't fight anymore, prompting MegaMan DS to attack him. MegaMan defends GutsMan, persisting that friends won't leave each other. Both seemingly deleted by the blast, but from the ruins, MegaMan Guts Soul appears and attacks him, forcing him and LaserMan to retreat.

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