The Guynie Toren (ガイニートーレン Gainī Tōren) appears to be a one of a kind Reaverbot. This huge train-like boss Reaverbot is only found in the Uptown Sub-City on Kattelox Island. It carries Horokkos and Sharukurusus inside of its train-like body. It uses the same piston-like feet that the Juraid and Hanmuru Doll uses to move.

The Guynie Toren is the largest Reaverbot (not including the Colossus) in terms of size due to its long, train-like body. It is not capable of attacking its target on its own and is very slow. However it is invulnerable to attacks and only if its rear opens (to dispatch a Horokko or a Sharukurusu to attack its target) is it possible to damage or destroy the Guynie Toren.

In Chapter 23 of Namco × Capcom, Guynie Toren and MegaMan Juno attack a chamber where Heihachi was, and Juno sends Horokkos and Gorubesshus to attack him. More allies and enemies like Mega Man Volnutt and M.Bison (Vega in Japan) appear later during the fight. Guynie Toren doesn't move or attack in the game, being only part of the background. It is later mentioned by Juno when he appears in Chapter 27.


  • Tōren is derived from the word train (トレーン).

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