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Hacks (or cheats) are changes in a game's coding which can be manipulated by the player to perform actions that cannot be executed throughout normal game play. Hacks take advantage of these changes, and can sometimes completely alter the game play for the player. Hacking can be done by using a system to run with the game of choice to hack such as Game Genie, Action Replay, Pro Action Replay, or Gameshark. A number of hacks can be found in various Mega Man titles.

  • Some hacks and or their secondary effects can be temporary or permanent.
  • Some hacks do not work properly, and do nothing but crash the game. These are known as 'failed hacks'. Regardless if a hack is active, or failed, it can lead to secondary effects. These effects can be anything, and are usually not a part of the original reason for using the hack.
  • Hacks can make the game lose memory temporarily, or permanently. The outcome of a permanent hack could in some rare cases stop the person from using the game. *Saving the game sometimes stops the effect of a hack if it was not a big change within the coding; but resetting the game also usually does the trick.

Attempting any of the hacks found throughout this website is done at the player's risk and Mega Man Knowledge Base takes no responsibility for the outcomes of the hack or the damage they may cause. MMKB is also not responsible if a hack does not work. Some hacks on MMKB have NOT been tested. However, MMKB does try to include as many working hacks possible, and their codes. MMKB tries to provide the most detailed, and simplest instructions possible about performing the hack and its effects. The player's exact results in attempting these hacks may vary, regardless of the instructions. These Hack Disclaimer Notes are the standard of hacks on MMKB and we aim to strictly adhere to them in all areas. If you find hacks not living up to the standards as set out above, please report them.

Hacks differ from glitches, by use of an external device to manipulate coding. Because of this, hacks carry a higher risk of game code damage than glitches.

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