HannyaNED² (ハンニャNED² HannyaNED²) is the boss of the third Wily Stage in Mega Man 7. HannyaNED² was originally a samurai robot that accidentally got frozen in a glacier. Dr. Wily "rescued" the robot and modified it. Due to this, the robot felt obliged to be loyal to Wily.[1] This Hannya robot sends out missiles (that can be used as platforms), sends out a laser that hits the bridge, and hurls bombs. It is only vulnerable in its general eye area, and while not necessary, one can use its missiles as platforms to get more shots in.


HannyaNED² first shoots a random number of missiles, which can be stepped on to be able to reach its eyes, which are its only vulnerable part and continue stepping on the other missiles to get more shots on him. Then, HannyaNED² will shoot out a green laser that hits the floor, then shoots it at Mega Man two times. It is avoided by moving out of its range and jumping whenever it gets near to Mega Man. HannyaNED² then lunges forward and regress while shooting two bombs, one to the rightmost part and another below him, then repeating the steps above many times.

While the safest weapon to use against it is the Noise Crush, its actual weakness is the Slash Claw, which does 3 damage to it over the 2 that Noise Crush does. Skilled players can also exploit the no-wall charge trick for the Noise Crush (immediately slide forward after shooting) and land 4 damage per hit on the mechanical Oni.

Alternatively, if Rush Jet is activated as the battle starts, Mega Man can move level with its eyes and to the right of the screen, then turn to HannyaNED² to make Rush Jet equal the screen's scrolling speed. From here, Mega Man can simply use his single shots to attack the eyes. However, Rush Jet will run out of energy when HannyaNED² still has half its health, unless a weapon energy tank is used.


  • The kanji (Japanese characters) written on HannyaNED² (必殺 hissatsu) roughly means "certain killing".