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List of Harpuia's quotes.

Mega Man Zero

Rescue Colbor mission

  • "You must be Zero. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Harpuia, one of the four Guardians of master X. Such foolish behavior for a legendary hero to side with Mavericks... You shall repent and atone for your sins, Zero!"
  • "Incredible... I underestimated him... I will have revenge someday... Stay healthy until our next meeting... when I shall retire you!"

Neo Arcadia Core

  • "This is not a place for someone like you! You will regret coming here!"
  • "No... I'll never forget this..."

Mega Man Zero 2

In the opening stage

  • "... ... ... Zero... To live or die...? Hmm...... ..."

In the Residential Area

  • "... ... ... Did you come to rescue this Reploid, Zero?"
  • "Why do you bother? Even if you help him, he won't thank you. And... If he lives, even more Resistance soldiers are going to die."
  • "How greedy... But can you really do that by yourself?"
  • "Your Resistance forces have made a mistake that can't be forgiven. Neo Arcadia, or should I say, human society is not a thing that Reploids can rebel against. If they do, they should be exterminated..."
  • "Zero... I don't think that justice is destroying Resistance forces. But, as long as they try to disobey humans, destroying them is my goal."

In his stage, the Crystal Caves

  • "That commander of yours seemed to have retrieved the IFF beacon... I wonder what he is up to... Why is he acting alone, breaking into Neo Arcadian facilities...? I don't understand the logic at all... Well, I don't really need to know... All those Inferior resistance behaviors are not all that different. Well Zero, it's time for you to die!"
  • "Are you serious? How can a legend die?" (If Zero is defeated)
  • "Ha ha ha... You are still so strong... I like it... No... I love it this way. You are the only one who can make me feel this alive... I enjoy the sensation, I love the pain... You are worthy..." (If Harpuia is defeated)

In his stage, the Temple of Wind

  • "I won't... Let that happen..."
  • "U... Ugh... Z...Zero... Kill... me..."
  • "Just kill me... I will... soon be controlled by the Baby Elves... Kill me now... And stop him...!!"
  • "H... hurry, Zero... Protect Master X... and the world... from him..."

Mega Man Zero 3

In the opening stage, Derelict Spacecraft

  • "Relax. They won't come to any harm."
  • "I'm letting you off the hook this time. But you and those Resistance fighters must leave, now!"
  • "Scram! I don't have time to mess with you now!"
  • "So you're Omega... I'm afraid I can't let you leave this place, ever. Time for your destruction!" (After defeating Omega)
  • "A Neo Arcadian?! Who is this guy?!"
  • "Dr. Weil?! You're kidding me! It can't be! Why are you, who were banished from Neo Arcadia a century ago, with Omega?!"
  • "M... Master X?! Is that you?!"
  • "But Master X! Think how many humans died because of the Dark Elf and Omega, both built by this man... How can you justify exposing humanity to such a grave danger, especially now with the energy crisis almost solved?!"
  • "Weil... you..."

In-game cutscene after defating four of the Gentle Judges

  • "Master X... Do you still trust that man... Weil?"
  • "But..."
  • "What?! Weil!"
  • "We'll go. Leviathan and Fefnir are still undergoing maintenance, but if we hurry things along a bit..."
  • "But... Master X?!"

After the Missile Factory mission

  • "... We, the Reploids of Neo Arcadia... We are defenders of humanity. The only justice here. Is this wasteland what you people call justice?! Weil!!!"
  • "Arrrggh! I... I am..."

In the Maintenance Room (Cutscene)

  • "What are you up to? Why did you rescue me? Do you expect some favor in return?"
  • "Horrible. Just the thought of being helped by you makes me nauseous. Stripped of my position, and driven out of Neo Arcadia. I'm used goods..."
  • "My beliefs... I can't sit back any longer... We must protect the humans from Weil. We have to stop him immediately. That... that... Weil!!!"
  • "I am a warrior, born to protect humans. I am a proud warrior of Neo Arcadia! I don't need any help! Even if my body should fall into ruin... I will still gladly fight for humanity!"

After defeating Omega Zero

  • "Zero! What are you doing?! Hurry, stand up!!"
  • "Weil is trying to bluff you... He can't do anything in his current state."
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