"Your robots need to be destroyed for the future of mankind!!"
―Harvey, Mega Man Issue 13 (Archie Comics)

Harvey Greenleaf is a character from the Mega Man comic series by Archie Comics. He was the leader of the terrorist group Emerald Spears until he was overthrown by Xander Payne and was arrested. He spoke with a valley boy accent.


Prior to forming the Emerald Spears, Harvey Greenleaf was a hippie. Even after forming it and becoming the official leader, he relegated most of the command processes and manpower to his second-in-command, Xander Payne. He also frequently held debates with his fellow terrorist members, causing him to become overconfident regarding being able to debate.

During the A.R.T.S. Convention, he and the other Emerald Spears members implemented a takeover of the convention, holding both robots and humans hostage. However, he agreed to a debate between Drs. Light, Lalinde, and Cossack, working in their plan to stall him while their Robot Masters disarm the bombs. However, Xander Payne saw through the ruse, especially when some of the bombs were being disarmed, and tried to warn Greenleaf that they're stalling, also reminding him when he was surprised that he's not doing well in the debates with the scientists that the "debates" he had during the activist meetings were with people who fully agreed with him, not scientists who were unlikely to agree with him. Greenleaf, however, was still confident, thinking they were close to cracking, and they didn't want to kill people. This acted as the last straw for Payne, resulting in the latter taking matters into his own hands by kicking him upside the head and knocking him out to give him the "crack" he needed, forcibly taking command.

Greenleaf later ended up arrested by Agents Stern and Krantz after the latter two learned of the terrorist occupation at the convention. He later informed the agents the everything he knew (albeit extremely limited) about the Emerald Spears and Xander Payne.

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