"Hazaara" was a town in Beyondard in Rockman.EXE Beast. The forces of Falzer were spreading out their territory around the town, however Zoano Colonel.EXE came and decimated Falzer’s forces and the town in the name of Glaga. Netto Hikari, Meiru Sakurai, Enzan Ijuuin, Raika, Trill.EXE, and Iris.EXE arrive at Hazaara to rest to find the town in ruins and abandoned, and Iris recognizes the damage to be done by Colonel’s Screen Divide, lamenting her brother’s actions. They attempt to find a place to rest, but find that the city is still crawling Glaga’s Zoano Soldiers. Soon, Colonel finds the group’s hiding place and demands they hand over Trill. The group’s Navis fight and delete all of Colonel’s Zoano Soldiers, and Colonel Beasts Out, and Eznzan has Netto, Iris, and Trill run away as Glaga himself appears.

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