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Head Gunner is the name of two enemies in Mega Man X3.

Head Gunner masspro

Head Gunner masspro (ヘッドガンナー・マスプロ Heddogannā Masupuro) is a mass-produced Head Gunner in Mega Man X3. It can only shoot missiles. Except for Doppler Stage 1, this version of the Head Gunner replaces all Head Gunner customers once Blast Hornet's stage, the weapons factory, has been cleared.

Head Gunner customer

Head Gunner customer (ヘッドガンナー・カスタマー Heddogannā Kasutamā) is a customized Head Gunner in Mega Man X3. Unlike the mass-produced version, this one is equipped with a secondary set of guns and stronger armor. It appears in the Opening Stage, Blast Hornet's stage, Gravity Beetle's stage, Toxic Seahorse's stage, Volt Catfish's stage, and Doppler Stage 1.

Other media

Rockman X3 manga

Head Gunner customers are among the Mavericks that attacked the Neo Maverick Hunter Base. More Head Gunner customers appeared interrupting X while he was fighting Crush Crawfish. Head Gunner customers also fought alongside other Maverick minions against Blast Hornet, Blizzard Buffalo, Neon TigerTunnel Rhino, and Volt Catfish.