Healing Water (いやしの水 Iyashi no Mizu, "HealWatr") is a Key Item in both versions of Mega Man Battle Network 6. It is used to repair the damage made to MegaMan.EXE after he downloaded a Cybeast. While Lan and his father were thinking what they could do to help MegaMan, Lan receives a mail from Iris informing that the Healing Water from Seaside Area 3 may be able to cure him. As MegaMan is unable to go, Lan asks for the help of a Link Navi (HeatMan.EXE/AquaMan.EXE) to obtain it. After being given the Healing Water, the Cybeast within MegaMan reacts violently and MegaMan Beast Outs for the first time, nearly deleting the Link Navi with a single attack, and he passes out for 10 hours. When he awoke, MegaMan returned to his senses and gained the Beast Out ability.

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