This article is about HeatMan.EXE from the MegaMan NT Warrior anime continuity. You may be looking for his video game counterpart.

HeatMan.EXE is a NetNavi from the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series, serving as the second, albeit temporary NetNavi for Mr. Match.



Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior

HeatMan close-up.

In the anime, HeatMan first appears during the Grave story arc. When FreezeMan's robotic penguins freeze all of DenTech City, Mr. Famous, who happens to be dining at WWW's curry restaurant, unveils his new NetNavi to them, HeatMan, who single-handedly defeats MagicMan, WackoMan, and ElecMan. However, he is still incomplete, and needs to be chained up. Later, a penguin freezes the group, but the heat from HeatMan's PET defrosts them. Meanwhile, Mr. Match's NetNavi, TorchMan, is severely injured by FreezeMan, and is rapidly being erased. Mr. Famous then offers to save TorchMan by merging him with HeatMan. Match violently refuses at first, but later agrees to save his Navi. Later on, MegaMan is about to be deleted by FreezeMan, but TorchMan, having been reborn as HeatMan and free of his chains, arrives and defeats FreezeMan with ease.

When FreezeMan attempts to capture Bass, HeatMan reappears and attacks FreezeMan once again. HeatMan is overpowered, but Mr. Famous calls and offers him to use his special code. Even though it's risky, Match agrees for the sake of revenge, and defeats FreezeMan again. FreezeMan is later deleted at the hands of ShadowMan.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

HeatMan reappears in Axess, when VineMan spreads his plants throughout the Cyberworld. His plants attack the WWW Navis, and HeatMan is the only one who escapes. Mr. Match then tracks VineMan down to defeat him and free his friends, meeting Lan and MegaMan along the way. However, VineMan injures HeatMan, so he's taken to Mr. Famous to be healed. However, Mr. Famous realizes that TorchMan has been living inside HeatMan. TorchMan is revived, and with his help, MegaMan acquires Torch Soul. He and TorchMan then proceed and defeat VineMan. HeatMan's fate after this is left unknown.




  • The initial concept of how HeatMan became Mr. Match's second NetNavi via merging TorchMan's remaining data with his own could be seen as a homage to the classic Mega Man series, in which the original Heat Man is based off of Fire Man's own design.
  • Though HeatMan is a Link Navi in Mega Man Battle Network 6, neither he nor Mr. Match have any role in Beast or Beast+ outside of a cameo of Match in the series finale, despite all other Link Navis and their operators appearing.